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Companies are divided into departments to increase the viability of their operations. There are departments such as marketing, human resources, and sales. With the help of division of labor, companies establish more efficient structure by dividing the work that needs to be done.

Field teams are one of these departments. They deal with tasks such as visiting customers in the field, communicating with potential customers, and gathering information from the field. Field teams, face of the company in the physical world, are critical to companies’ operations.

Field teams were also the department that felt the pains of digital transformation, which became inevitable due to the pandemic, at the same time. Teams that needed to transfer the physical meetings they were used to into video conferencing applications had difficulties in this transformation.

Thanks to the distant channel management business model, it is possible to digitize all field team operations. With OctaSales, the pro license of OCTAPULL, you can manage your field team on a single platform.

Characteristics of Effective Field Teams

The field teams, who will execute meetings in the field, are the face of your company. In order for them to do a more effective job and impress your customers, it is important that they:

● coordinate inside,

● coordinate interdepartmental.

It is very important that field teams coordinate with each other. Sharing the results of any meeting with the team members ensures coordination.

Knowing which personnel will meet with whom and when, prevents conflict between team members and enables them to work more efficiently. Being able to access the information about what was discussed with a customer that has been interviewed before allows other members to access this information and make effective plans.

Sharing the information of the interviews among the departments increases the efficiency of other departments as well. Field teams are the main information gatherer from the customers since they are the first step of customer relations. Other departments could use this information to create better strategies. For example, marketing teams with this information can design effective marketing strategies focused on the target audience.

Manage Your Field Team with OctaSales

Field teams need to have a high level of intra-team and inter-departmental coordination. OctaSales can provide this with ‘distant channel management’.
OctaSales provides:

● better communication between your field team,

● better communication between departments,

● better control of team leaders and managers on the whole team,

● suggestions about future strategies.

Through video conferencing, field teams can carry out all their meetings on a single SaaS platform. They have an opportunity to share their past and planned future meetings with their superiors in the company. 

The personnel that plans the meeting, enters this meeting plan into the system and sends it to the team leader for approval. Or, the meeting plans created by the managers can be shared with the staff and their tasks can be distributed without the need for an extra communication path. In this way, the team leader or manager has control over the plans of his entire team. The leader can get information about all operations through the planning calendar.

Managers, who can see the schedule of the meetings on a single platform, access valuable data on how the interviews went by examining the reports of the past interviews, with the numerical data they encountered.

In OctaSales’s planning module, the actions to be taken appear as a reminder on the user’s screen during the call and ensures that no details are skipped.

For example, the notification system can remind that the staff has 5 digital calls the next day, or that they have a call 1 hour later.

The information of the customer to be interviewed is shared with the user and the user can have a more effective conversation.

OctaSales, which analyzes your interviews through artificial intelligence thanks to its reporting module, offers you suggestions that can be very valuable for your business. For example, it informs you that one of your campaigns has been more successful than the others, and gives you a recommendation to continue with that campaign.

Field Team Management in a Single Platform

OctaSales not only provides you with all these features, but also allows you to access them all on one platform with an easy to use interface.

The distant channel management business model allows you to manage your field team on a single platform. By following all your field operations on it, you can have control over everything without the need for extra applications and tools.

With OctaSales, the pioneer of the remote channel management model, you can go one step further in digital transformation. 



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