How To Organize a Successful Webinar With OctaMeet?

Can you really afford to spend countless hours and a small fortune every time you run a training session or conference? Imagine a place where hundreds of people could gather without leaving their office, a place where you could run a conference training session or product demo with no hidden expenses, rising costs or unproductive travel time. 

That’s exactly how we designed OctaMeet, a web-based webinar platform where you can communicate with anyone anytime from anywhere.

What Is The Webinar?

A webinar is an online meeting or presentation held over the Internet in real time. Simply put, it is an online event that connects individuals with audiences around the world.
The main feature of live webinars that can be successfully used in all spheres ranging from education to business and corporate training is interactivity, or the ability to discuss, send and receive information in real-time.

Planning A Successful Webinar

Planning is a critical first step in any marketing campaign, but it’s especially important when it comes to producing great webinars. Creating, promoting, and reusing webinars is a complex process with many moving parts. To be successful, you need to create a plan and make sure everyone on your team is on board.

1. Start By Identifying Your Business Goals. 

What is your purpose of organizing this webinar? Is it a new product demo or an online education seminar for your employees? 

2. Promote Your Webinar

Integrate your registration module into your Facebook and LinkedIn page or event in order to easily manage bookings for your webinar. At the same time, syncing your database of email addresses will let you reach out to people you have registered with in the past.

When you communicate around your webinar, clearly demonstrate how each attendee will leave with the skills they’re looking for. It’s important that they don’t simply think you’re going to sell them something. Mention that they will have the chance to find answers to the important questions they ask themselves on a daily basis.

3. Send Out The Link To Your Webinar

With OctaMeet, all attendees receive an email containing legal information, including the organiser’s information, event date, etc. Reassure and guide them by integrating the link to your event on the webinar platform. Do your utmost to ensure that as many people as possible attend the event on the day.

With our emailing and marketing solution, remind all those who have registered of the steps to follow to access your webinar. Do this between 24 hours and 1 hour before the event.

4. Choose The Subject Of The Webinar

The most challenging part of choosing a topic for your webinar is to find a subject that will be of interest to your target audience and at the same time interesting to you. The best way to find a topic is to ask your followers questions, they will surely let you know the most pressing issues they want to know more about, the areas where they need more knowledge, the topics they are interested in. 
If you already have a community, you can even ask them to fill out a questionnaire in order to help you choose the right topic for your webinar.

5. Find The Right Format For Your Webinar

For the purposes of a webinar, there are a number of ways you can use to make it a successful event. If you plan on hosting a seminar which is highly interactive, you should consider how many people you want to target and how knowledgeable they are about the topic. 

If you want to give a lecture to a larger group, you might want to consider having other experts on hand to speak as well. Having a moderator can help to keep the conversation focused and on topic. Another option is to have someone who is familiar with the technical aspects of your presentation to help keep the audience engaged.

6. Create The Content Of Your Talk

Attractive visual aids are a must to help your attendees stay focused and interested. Animated material such as images and graphics, as well as tables and figures will help your speech unfold during the webinar. Live demonstrations and the presentation of products are other ways to keep your webinar visually interesting.

Plan the duration of each part of your webinar as well as its overall duration. Keep an eye on your watch so that you don’t get carried away, and set time aside to answer attendees’ questions.

7. Keep In Touch After The Webinar

Personal contact with each attendee, asking if they have any further questions, is an important part of a webinar’s success. It helps you to get feedback from them, keeps you in touch with your audience, and helps you to ensure that as many attendees as possible have understood the webinar’s content. 
Once you’ve set all these steps, here are only two tips that will help you plan out a webinar with OctaMeet that meets your goals.

1.Register OctaMeet

After you determine objectives for organizing your webinar, you can easily sign up for a 7-day trial of OctaMeet. 
In this step, you can open an account, either as a personal or a corporate account.

2.Go To Conference Center 

In this page, you can create a new webinar for your planning. In order to do so, you should click +New Meeting
On the page that opens, you should write a meeting definition that can be seen by participants to the webinar. Later on, Webinar Start Time and End Time should be adjusted. An invitation letter to be sent to the participants should be written in the invitation section at the bottom of the setup page.



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