For your Daily & Professional Video Conferencing Needs

With our video conferencing solutions designed for remote working, we enable field teams, institutions and individual users to save time by optimizing their efforts.


OCTAPULL offers you the video conferencing solutions that you need for remote working.
Also, we offer great advantages in terms of security and pricing!

On-Premise Installation Opportunity

If you do not want to store your data in the cloud, we can install our solutions on your own servers!

We Demand No Annual Commitments

We do not bind you with annual commitments when purchasing our products.

You can start your subscription on a monthly basis, and you can stop using it any time.


Meet your daily and professional video conferencing needs with OctaMeet, specially developed for remote workers!

Screen sharing
File sharing
Webinar Module
Interview Recordings
Noise Cancelling
Meeting Rooms


Specially designed for field teams to conduct customer interviews remotely. With its pioneering Distant Channel Management (DCM) model, it takes the efficiency of customer interviews to a whole new level.

  • Advanced Planning Module
  • Audience Identification Module
  • Reporting of Interviews
  • Customer Sentiment Analysis
  • Sending Quiz / Survey / Order Forms to Customers

and more…

Frequently Asked Questions

What is VCaaS?
Video Conference as a Service (VCaaS) is a cloud-based software service that enables customers to solve their video conferencing needs.
Is There Any OCTAPULL Product That Provides Free Use?
You can use the OCTAPULL Free license for free for 1 hour in group calls and unlimited for one-on-one calls.
Is There Any Withdrawal Fee In Case Of License Cancellation?
As OCTAPULL, we provide freedom of use to our users. That’s why we renew your subscriptions monthly. If you cancel your license at the end of the month cycle, you do not have to pay any withdrawal or commitment fees.
Are the Servers You Use Safe?
OCTAPULL stores your data on secure servers. 
Which Calendar Applications Does OCTAPULL Integrate With?
You can integrate your meetings created via OCTAPULL with your Google Calendar, Microsoft Outlook and Apple’s calendars as well as your own in-app calendar feature.
What is DCM?

Distant Channel Management (DCM) is the first vertical application area where companies’ field actions are planned, implemented and reported via an online video conferencing platform.

Can OCTAPULL Products Be Used on Mobile Devices?

You can easily use OCTAPULL products designed for mobile on both iOS and Android devices.

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