Video Conferencing Application

Have your personal or business-related online meetings with OctaMeet, designed specifically for remote work!

Why should you choose OctaMeet?

Video conference meetings are now an integral part of life for companies that are already working remotely or are considering switching to this working model. OctaMeet offers all the video conferencing features that an organization will need to be successful in its remote working adventure, with a more affordable pricing policy and extra data security options compared to its competitors.

Comprehensive Video Conferencing Experience

Do you want to improve the quality of your video conference calls? With OctaMeet’s features, you get a different experience from beginning to end.

Calendar Integrations

Easily export meetings you set up in OctaMeet to your iCalendar, Outlook or Google Calendar.

Meeting & In-App Chat

You can message your teammates both during the meeting and in the application interface, thereby increasing collaboration!

Meeting Rooms

You can easily meet with your teammates & customers with the meeting rooms module, their links to join the meeting never change.

Interview Recordings

You can record your meetings and can easily access information such as messaging history, meeting statistics and log-in and log-out times of participants.

Noise Cancelling

If you are in a loud environment during a meeting, you can use our noise canceling feature to cut out the noise in the background!

Joint Video Watching

By sharing YouTube videos during the conference, you can have a collaborative video viewing experience with all participants!

Level Up Your Presentations

Impress your teammates and customers with your presentations. Use OctaMeet’s enhanced features for presentations!

Easy Use to Mobile & Web

OctaMeet is easy to use from both web and mobile. With our mobile apps for Apple and Android, you can create and join meetings and much more!


OCTAPULL offers you the video conferencing solutions that you need for remote working.
Also, we offer great advantages in terms of security and pricing!

On-Premise Installation Opportunity

If you do not want to store your data in the cloud, we can install our solutions on your own servers!

We Demand No Annual Commitments

We do not bind you with annual commitments when purchasing our products.

You can start your subscription on a monthly basis, and you can stop using it any time.