With Octasales, it is now possible to perform, plan and follow up field meeting remotely!

Thanks to the Distant Channel Management (DCM) business model proposed by OctaSales, replace face-to-face field meetings with more efficient video calls!

Why should you choose OctaSales?

You will avoid the transportation costs incurred when field teams conduct customer interviews face-to-face, the increase in transportation times due to traffic or lack of routine. Thereby, you will increase your productivity by saving your company’s time and money.


Holistic Solution for Field Team’s Needs

Stop scheduling interviews and reporting with different apps. With OctaSales; plan, implement and report on a single platform!

Customer Interactions

Have your customers fill out surveys and quizzes. Make sales quickly by sending order forms.

Customizable Parameters

Do you want to meet only blue-eyed customers in Q1 this year? With OctaSales, it’s possible.

Target Audience Wizard

Filter the customers you want to meet via our target audience wizard based on the parameters you want. 

Cross-Platform Availability

Join the meetings from mobile or desktop. Whichever your customers prefer…

Sentiment Analysis

Capture your customers’ emotions during the meetings. You can identify the product that excites your customers the most, or the presentation that bothers them the most.


Your data does not go abroad, we store it on our servers in Turkey. Plus, we can also install on your own servers if you want.





OCTAPULL offers you the video conferencing solutions that you need for remote working. Also, we offer great advantages in terms of security and pricing!

On-Premise Installation Opportunity

If you do not want to store your data in the cloud, we can install our solutions on your own servers!

We Don’t Want Annual Commitments!

We do not bind you with annual commitments when purchasing our products.

You can start your subscription on a monthly basis, and you can stop using it any time.