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Thanks to OCTAPULL’s DCM (Distant Channel Management) technology, you can conduct your field meetings from anywhere you are!

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Our Features

OctaSales' Key Features

Target Audience Wizard

You can use our Target Audience Wizard to filter the customers you want to contact based on your preferred parameters.

Interactive Meetings

Strengthen your communication with your customers with surveys and sales forms you present in your meetings.

Mobile Application

You can hold meetings with your customers with our advanced mobile application and web interface.

Sentiment Analysis

You can analyze which products excite your customers the most and identify which presentations may be less engaging during the meetings.

What Does OctaSales Offer You?


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Data Analysis & Reporting

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Meetings are always with you with OCTAPULL Mobile

Your meetings are now in your pocket with our OCTAPULL mobile application, which is compatible with both iOS and Android devices!

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