What Makes OCTAPULL Different? – Video Conferencing Applications

Video conferencing applications allow people to have conversations thanks to the internet and video technology. OCTAPULL, a video conferencing application, has brought a new perspective to video conferencing applications with its ‘Distant Channel Management (DCM)’ business model.

OCTAPULL offers not only your video calls but also the before and after calls from a single platform. Thanks to its distant channel management business model, it provides the productivity increase required for your business.

What distinguishes OCTAPULL from other video conferencing platforms? Let’s look for the answer to this question.

Video Conferencing Applications and Functions

OCTAPULL is not the first video conferencing app on the market. These applications, which have been in our lives for many years, connect people remotely through video technology.

This concept came into our lives with the introduction of video call features to messaging services on our computers and mobile phones. It was a revolution in bringing lovers or relatives together. It is a technology that brings the distances closer and connects people anytime, anywhere thanks to the internet.

As time went on, its use increased more and more. Businesses used video conferencing to meet and hold meetings with clients. Some companies have even realized that this is the future of communication. The topic of video conversion has started to gain importance rapidly.

But this transformation was not so fast, it was still thought that wherever possible, the traditional physical meeting was ahead of video meeting. There was a perception that physical interviews provide more emotion transfer than video interviews and facilitate mutual understanding.

This tradition has prevented video conferencing from becoming mainstream to some extent. The breaking point was the pandemic. After the pandemic, digital transformation has become the greatest need and the demand for video conferencing applications has increased logarithmically.

Now schools, workplaces, associations, communities, even sports teams had to hold their meetings via video conferencing applications. Friend meetings, even weddings have been transferred to digital media.

Video conferencing applications are no longer an option, they have become a necessity.

• To be able to meet online while we cannot meet physically due to the pandemic,

• Enabling the fully remote working model that companies want to try,

• Screen sharing and messaging were the features that video conferencing offers to diversify communication.

To traditionally use these applications for occasional, non-professional purposes, the existing video conferencing applications were quite adequate. But the problem arose in adapting these practices to professional life.

However, even if existing video conferencing applications were adapted to professional life, the features offered for companies that wanted to completely digitize their field teams were insufficient.

For companies that want all field operations to be completely digital, the product to offer the necessary service was not available.

Why OCTAPULL? – Features That Set OCTAPULL Apart From Ordinary Video Conferencing Applications

This is where OCTAPULL comes into play, where companies that want to adopt video conferencing applications to professional life have problems.

Entering the market by highlighting the ‘distant channel management’ model, OCTAPULL sets itself apart from its competitors by providing the features that businesses need to complete their digital transformation.

It offers the modules you need not only to conduct the interview but also to plan ahead and report afterward.

Let’s take a closer look at the features that make OCTAPULL different.

Being Able to Cancel Subscription with No Cost

To subscribe to video conferencing applications, you need to start a subscription by signing an annual commitment. OCTAPULL does not have such a requirement.

One of OCTAPULL’s most important issues is providing customers the freedom of being able to cancel a subscription at any time. Thanks to the unconditional cancellation feature, you can start or end the subscription of any OCTAPULL service whenever you want.

If you don’t want to commit your company for a long time by making an annual commitment, the video conferencing application you need is OCTAPULL.

Before the Interview – Planning Module

The planning module, which you can access thanks to OctaSales, provides you with the most critical feature that other video conferencing platforms do not offer: the ability to schedule your meetings.

Thanks to OCTAPULL’s ‘planning module’;

• both managers and field workers can schedule interviews,

• add notes and tasks to these plans,

• subject these plans to the approval mechanisms you want,

• can implement the plans that have passed approval mechanisms.

The ‘planning module’, one of the key features of the distant channel management business model, is the feature that your company needs if it wants to go one step further in digital transformation.

Thanks to the ‘Planning module’, you can plan the meetings in advance and share them with the necessary people within the company.

A meeting scheduled by a staff member falls in front of the managers who need to approve this meeting via the OctaSales system.

After going through the approval mechanisms, you can add plans and to-do lists for the interview that are ready to be implemented. After you plan what you need to do during the interview, these plans appear during the interview. And it acts as a reminder to you during the meeting.

OCTAPULL not only allows you to plan your meetings, but also the opportunity to report them after the meeting.

After the Interview – Reporting Module

You have planned your meeting with OCTAPULL, you have held your meeting with OCTAPULL again. What about after?

For the next, the reporting module feature offered by OctaSales comes into play.

OctaSales, after you or one of your team member conducts the interview, provides;

• how long the negotiations lasted,

• how many orders were received during the call,

• which customers’ information was filled,

Important information such as these.

The reporting module collects this information and creates numerical, detailed, and guiding reports for your company on how the interview went.

Thanks to these reports, you can plan your company strategy concisely by increasing your knowledge about how your business is going.

With the meaningful reports offered by the reporting module, you can solidify your vision for the future.


In summary, OCTAPULL provides you with the ‘distance channel management’ business model. Thanks to this model offered by OCTAPULL, you have the necessary infrastructure to manage your company remotely.

Aiming at customer satisfaction thanks to unconditional subscription cancellation, OCTAPULL assists your company’s field teams in the necessary digital transformation through its planning and reporting modules.

You can download OCTAPULL, the pioneer of the remote channel management system and a Turkey-based initiative, via an application from Google Play and AppStore to reach OCTAPULL products, or you can get more detailed information by visiting our website.



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