The education and business landscape has turned digital since the start of the pandemic. Online courses, remote working, webinars, etc. are big parts of our lives for some time. We needed video conference tools to make all this happen. Due to the need for video conference systems, VCaaS(Video Conference as a Service), a cloud-based technology, has emerged and developed enormously during this time. Students and professionals increasingly need improved functions in those tools. 

Then, ‘What is OCTAPULL?’.

 OCTAPULL is a brand that aims to lead the way in digital transformation. OCTAPULL aims to improve people’s quality of life by offering video-based solutions to people in both professional, school, and daily life.

OCTAPULL offers two major services that will enhance your life:

  • Video Conference tools that will help you communicate face-to-face via mobile phones, or computers,
  • Distant channel management helps businesses to increase their productivity.

Video Conference Application

Video conferencing applications are not new in our lives. They have been adding value to our lives for nearly 20 years. Its adventure, which started with video landline phones, has reached our pockets thanks to smartphones today. You can make video calls with anyone you want from anywhere with an internet connection.

VCaaS service, which has come a long way in 20 years, accelerated its development with the onset of the pandemic. Previously, you could only speak with audio and video. Now, you can screen share, message, organize meeting rooms with high participation and give lectures and webinars during video conferences. 

Octapull Free

Octapull Free, which is completely free, offers you the necessary infrastructure to make one-on-one video calls and organize meetings. It offers the features of tracking past meetings on the calendar and arranging future meetings, which are not available in conventional video conferencing applications, free of charge. It is on the market as a free alternative for those who want to make uninterrupted and fluent video calls.


Another product that OCTAPULL introduced to the market is OctaMeet. In addition to being a classic video conferencing application, it stands out with its ability to hold 30-hour meetings with high participation. 

OctaMeet, which has the necessary infrastructure to hold your company meetings, school lectures, and webinars, aims to meet the needs of both global and domestic markets at an affordable price with its English and Turkish language support. With its meeting recording feature, it provides the opportunity to keep everyone in your business up to date by recording your meetings and lectures.

Distant Channel Management(DCM)

The real difference OCTAPULL makes is here. By introducing a brand new concept to the business world, it achieves the digital transformation that companies, especially sales companies, need. In today’s world, where the business model of physically meeting with the customer is slowly becoming a thing of the past, it offers a VCaaS platform for companies to conduct these meetings over the internet.

Distant channel management is a business model that allows companies of all sizes to plan, implement and report their meetings through a single platform. By combining all these functions, DCM offers a new solution to the business world and shows managers an efficient and sustainable way to manage their companies.


OctaSales is the product that offers its customers all the features of distant channel management. OctaSales, the first distant channel management solution in the world, offers all the functions that companies need to manage their field teams remotely. OctaSales not only makes meetings but also allows meetings to be scheduled by administrators. The meetings are reported via OctaSales, allowing all employees to access these reports. The staff, who can review the report of each meeting, can create more effective strategies by updating their knowledge about how things are going.

Companies using OctaSales save money and time. As a result of both, the efficiency of the company increases, and managers can have the time that they can spend searching for ways to grow their businesses.


OCTAPULL targets businesses with its distant channel management business model in addition to the classic video conferencing tools it offers. 

It is a Turkey-based initiative that wants to pioneer distant channel management in the world and Turkey. It makes a difference in the field of VCaaS with the planning and reporting modules it offers.

Entering the VCaaS sector with the OctaMeet, and OctaSales services it offers, OCTAPULL also shows that it cares about its customers with its customer relations specialists waiting to help its customers even in the slightest problem. You can access OCTAPULL services from the OCTAPULL application, which you can download from Google Play and AppStore, or the Pricing page.



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