Increase Your Workplace Efficiency with OctaSales

Time flies so fast. We have a lot of work to do and very little time to do it. This means that time is our most valuable asset.

Using time efficiently is essential for achieving our individual goals. When it comes to professional life rather than the individual, the value of efficient use of time increases even more.

OctaSales is for those who want to get rid of the meaningless time spent on field visits and increase the efficiency of the workplace.

Increasing the efficiency of the workplace by starting to use OctaSales to complete your company’s digital transformation and pave the way for its growth.

Remote Work Transformation

With the increasing importance of the remote working model in business life, it has become important how successful this transformation can be.

Companies that choose the right SaaS models and adapt their employees to the new model will get a great advantage over their competitors.

While making a full transition to the teleworking model is relatively easy for some departments, field teams, in particular, are feeling the pain of this transformation.

The biggest reason for the difficulty of the field teams was the lack of a service that could help them in this area. OctaSales aims to increase the efficiency of companies by completing the digital transformation of field teams with the planning and reporting modules it offers.

Save Time with OctaSales

Frequent physical visits by field teams have been shelved as remote work has become a necessity in our lives.

Meetings that had to be met physically with the customer had to go digital via video conferencing platforms.

With the ‘distant channel management’ model that we offer to make your job easier at this transition stage, you can now handle your business completely through a VCaaS platform.

One of the biggest advantages of this model is that it saves your most valuable asset, time.
With OctaSales and its remote channel management service, you no longer need to waste your precious hours on physical calls.

Yes, maybe physical meetings helped establish a warmer relationship between the parties. But it was a waste of time. For these interviews, the teams had to prepare, go to the interview, conduct the interview, return later and report it.

When going to physical interviews, you have to get in the vehicle and go to a certain place. The hours spent in traffic going to this interview are negative for efficiency.

Especially with the traffic problem in big cities, you may have to spend hours even to get to a relatively close place.

With distant channel management, the digital transformation of field teams is completed and all visit processes can be handled via computer or phone, not physical.

With OctaSales, you can get rid of the hours you will spend on the road and spend this time on tasks that will take your company forward, such as planning new meetings and developing new strategies.

Save Cash with OCTAPULL

A long time spent on the wrong job can cost you big money.
With OctaSales, you will have the opportunity to use the time you save on more effective tasks. Think of the time you spend on the road just to meet with a client, and think that you can fill that time by talking to another client.

This is exactly what you will get with OctaSales. The freedom to save your wasted time and transfer them to more profitable directions for your business.

Thanks to the time you save, you can increase your profitability and efficiency by transferring this valuable resource to more productive areas. Let’s take a look at all the other expenses you’ll save.
The vehicle fleets you rent for field visits, the fuel costs of the vehicles, the expenses of the field personnel; the cost of field crews could rise to high levels.

Moving the meetings from physical to digital will allow you to get rid of all these costs. You will save on your expenses by making all your calls through OctaSales, our video conferencing platform.


OctaSales offers businessmen many ways to increase the efficiency of their business. By saving you valuable time, it releases this valuable resource so that you can use it more efficiently.

Along with the time savings, it helps you to increase your profitability by saving you from the expenses of the field teams.

By enabling you to control all your operations from a single SaaS platform, it provides the necessary infrastructure to manage your business remotely.

With OctaSales, you can benefit from all these benefits, make your workplace more efficient, and get rid of the obstacles to growth.

If you want to test OctaSales before using it, you can take a deep look at the new model of the business world with its 14-day trial version.

To try OCTAPULL products, you can download the OCTAPULL application from Google Play and AppStore, or you can start your trial period from the Pricing section.



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