How to Grow Your Business in 3 Steps with DCM

You started a business. Then you started working on your products or services. You analyzed your potential customers and started your target marketing efforts. Things are going well to become a successful business. 

 But you reached a limit somewhere. As your business grows, it gets difficult to keep everything under control as a business owner. Everything started to become too complicated. You have started working day and night to keep everything under control and not mess things up. Sounds familiar, right? Your next step should be moving your business to the digital area. OctaSales is offering DCM(distant channel management) model to help your digital transformation to free up time for you to focus on your business growth.

You can overcome the obstacles in your way to grow your business model with DCM. There is ‘3 ways for you to grow your business with DCM’.

Time Management

Being able to track all your ‘field operations’ through a single SaaS platform will give your time back that you spent on tracking.

You can follow your team’s customer meetings, distribute quarter plans, or approve or deny your worker’s planned meeting through a single platform. Doing it all on one platform is going to free up a time for you to focus on your ‘more essential tasks’ such as focusing on your marketing strategies or growth strategies. 

Field teams are known for the time they have spent on travelling to the customer. By transforming field meetings to online meetings, you will have a chance to reach your existing customers more efficiently.   With the time you’ll save using OctaSales, you can spend this time strategically planning your efforts. This time can be used to attract new customers. 

Reduction in Costs

As your business grows, you experience that the cost of your field team is rising permanently. Cars that your field team is using to make physical meetings, maintenance cost, and oil cost of them is rising constantly.

You can do your field meetings on a video conference application that is designed for field teams with distant channel management. You only need a computer, phone, or tablet with internet connection.

This saves you from the high costs of the physical meetings. You can use the money that you saved to invest in your business.

It can be used for improving your product, or increasing your marketing budget! 

Establishing the Right Strategies

You have regained your wasted time for field meetings, you have reduced your expenses by getting rid of extra costs. So how will you use these resources? You need an advisor to make smart moves! OctaSales also helps you with its Estimation Module. By processing the information that it gets from your meetings reports using its AI, it gives you tips about the strategies that you should implement. Which of your marketing campaigns works best? Which of your strategies are not working? 

You can find answers to such questions with OctaSales. With these answers, you will get valuable insights about how to make the best out of your resources! 

SaaS Platform to Grow Your Business: OCTAPULL

 With the value you will get from OctaSales, you will have what you need to grow your business.
By starting your OctaSales subscription, you can start to progress rapidly in the developing business world..



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