2024’s Top CRM Software: Review and Comparison 

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) aims to increase the sales rate of businesses by managing customer data with maximum efficiency.  

With CRM software that facilitates the communication of the sales team, it becomes possible to respond to customer demands on time and build customer loyalty

Today, many businesses increase efficiency and performance with Customer Relationship Management. Then, how about taking a look at the top CRM software of 2024

Why Does Your Business Need a CRM Software?Why Does Your Business Need a CRM Software

Mastering customer relationships is the key to maximizing sales rate. Customer Relationship Management software does just that; It allows you to obtain detailed information about customer relations and behaviors

A successful CRM software does not only benefit you in obtaining new customers, it also allows you to understand why you are losing existing customers. This allows you to find answers to questions such as what is going wrong in your sales strategy, and what you need to restructure. 

According to a study, 92% of businesses say that CRM software plays an important role in reaching their revenue goals.  

Let’s take a look at the advantages that Customer Relationship Management software offers to companies! 

Enhanced Customer Experience 

If a business wants to increase its sales statistics, it must first understand its target audience correctly. The target audience is the most critical element of all marketing strategies. So how do you access data about your target audience, that is, your customers? 

CRM software allows businesses to collect and analyze customer data. For example, you can access customers’ demographic information and examine their purchasing history or preferences. 

In this way, you gain in-depth information about your customers’ behaviors. You use this information in your targeted marketing strategy. Creating a sales and marketing strategy tailored to your customers is the best way to improve customer experience. 

Expanding the Potential Customer Network 

CRM systems create a personalized experience by examining customers’ purchasing behavior in detail. Establishing a personalized communication strategy for the sales team toward customers increases customer satisfaction

Increasing the likelihood that potential customers will convert into loyal customers is one of the keys to long-term success. CRM systems allow you to access detailed information about each customer. 

Increased Sales Team Productivity 

CRM systems are versatile software solutions that seamlessly integrate with SFA (Sales Force Automation) systems. The deeper the insight into customer behavior that the sales team gains, the higher the likelihood of closing successful sales. 

Plus, it automates customer data, allowing the sales team to focus on more critical processes. With Customer Relationship Management, high-value customers can be prioritized, general customer needs can be analyzed, or timely solutions can be developed to customer concerns. 

As a result, CRM software continues to play a role in businesses’ long-term and successful customer relationship management. Now let’s take a look at the most successful CRM software of 2024! 

2024’s Top CRM Software2024's Top CRM Software

CRM systems are crucial for business growth. We’ve selected the top six software options to make your choice easier. 

1. Octapull SFA 

Octapull SFA, which allows you to manage all business processes from a single platform, is a versatile platform that can be integrated with CRM systems. 

Offering many tools including Sales Automation, Inventory Management, Warehouse Management, B2B Solutions, and Merch Application, Octapull SFA also provides advantages in customer relations. 


  • It accelerates the decision-making process of teams with its dynamic reporting feature
  • It has a versatile Campaign Management feature to increase field sales. 
  • It develops a comprehensive user experience by integrating with third-party software such as ERP and CRM. 


  • IT support is necessary for maintenance and updates. 
  • Software training might be necessary based on the sales team’s skill level. 

2. Zoho CRM 

Zoho CRM software is a versatile platform that offers businesses comprehensive tools in sales, marketing and customer service management. 


  • It has a Sales Automation feature that facilitates the difficult sales processes of businesses to identify potential customers
  • It enables the development of effective strategies in marketing and social media management by providing detailed data about customer relations. 
  • It has features such as case management and a self-service portal that support customer services. 


  • Integration is not included in the free plan. 
  • Artificial intelligence features are available in the premium version. 

3. Zendesk Sell 

Zendesk Sell is a successful CRM software with an easy-to-use interface for large and small businesses. Tools that increase efficiency and performance are available on both desktop and mobile versions


  • The E-mail Intelligence tool enables uninterrupted monitoring of e-mail communication and access to real-time data. 
  • With its customizable sales panel and intuitive interface, it creates ease of use for sales teams at all levels. 
  • It offers advanced tools to identify potential customers, access accurate data, and develop marketing strategies


  • Reporting features are less effective than others. 
  • The prices are more expensive than other software. 

4. HubSpot 

As cloud-based Customer Relationship Management software, HubSpot allows businesses to track leads and analyze performance. 


  • It provides personalized email management for both potential and existing customers. 
  • There is real-time customer behavior notification that allows tracking of outbound and inbound leads. 
  • It increases the efficiency of the sales team by providing sales line management with automation. 


  • Budgeting can be challenging for small businesses. 
  • Requests payment for additional technical support. 

5. FreshSales 

FreshSales is great for sales teams in small to medium-sized businesses. It’s part of FreshWorks and has strong integration features. Plus, its AI communication tools stand out. 


  • It enables the sales team to access customer data more easily with its proactive artificial intelligence assistant
  • Personalization features allow sales teams to close sales faster. 
  • It can be easily integrated with many applications or software to increase efficiency. 


  • There is no reporting feature in the free version. 
  • The support team is online only on weekdays. 

6. Less Annoying 

Standing out with its user-friendly interface, Less Annoying is an ideal CRM solution for small businesses. It offers effective tools in the strategy of customer acquisition, retention and conversion into loyal customers. 


  • It allows the sales team to manage contact information, track potential customers and gain various insights. 
  • With its CRM Coach feature, it provides an introduction to customer relationship management for beginner users. 
  • It has many features such as email integrations, sales force automation, territory, and opportunity management


  • Reporting capabilities are lacking compared to other software. 
  • There is no feature to add dedicated leads. 

In conclusion, there are many options you will encounter in Customer Relationship Management software. When determining the most ideal one for you, it will be useful to determine your business needs. 

With Customer Relationship Management, it becomes possible to increase the performance and efficiency of sales teams. Standing out at this point, Octapull SFA aims to increase the sales performance of large, medium or small businesses. 

If you would like to increase the performance and efficiency of your sales team with Octapull SFA, you can contact us. Also, you can plan a meeting with our team and book a demo to discover more.  



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