4 Ways How Remote Working Is Changing the Talent Market

People are what make businesses run. A company is successful if its employees are talented enough. It has always been a huge challenge to hire top talent to compete in the market. 

With the sudden change of the leading working model, the way companies acquire talent has changed. In 2020, %56 of companies were allowing work remotely according to Owl Labs. And we know that trend is upwards. 

With the change in working style, hiring strategies have changed, too. In this article, we will dive through the 4 ways how remote working is changing the talent market. 

Job Interviews Are Done By Video Conference 

With the change in our working model, the way human resources do the job interviews has changed too. Face-to-face interviews are much less than before March 2020 now. 

Companies are conducting interviews via video conference applications such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and OCTAPULL right now. Remote interviews may lack some important data for hiring such as handshakes, the aura of the candidate, etc. But the advantages of remote interviews overcome the shortcomings of it. 

Remote interviews widen the talent pool, and it saves time for hiring personnel in human resources. It offers flexibility.

Also, researches have shown that employees are happy with remote interviews. %72 of candidates say that they are likely to accept job offers without seeing the office if enough data is provided for them. And more interestingly, %70 of candidates have no problem accepting the job offer without seeing any of their co-workers in real life. 

Employees see no problem with completing their job search with remote job interviews because the work from anywhere model offers increased productivity and better work-life balance. 

Virtual Learning Opportunities

Learning is a life-long process. Quitting improving in the profession after getting the job is one of the deadly sins, especially in 2022 in this competitive talent market. 

In office space, companies were organizing weekly or monthly training to keep their workers sharp. An employee recently hired may go through a several-week education process called onboarding. 
With the remote working era, personal training is much easier. As a company, you don’t have to hire an employee for employee training anymore. There are millions of useful online courses out there that will help your employees to get better at what they do. 

Companies can choose which courses their employees need, and provide these courses to them. Udemy, Hubspot Academy, Coursera, Skillshare are some of those platforms that provide useful training material. If you want your marketing trainee to become a master at paid ads, you can buy a ‘Paid Ads’ education program that is prepared by one of the best in this sector, without giving an effort to create such a detailed program in-house.  

Remote working helps even if you want to handle ‘personnel training’ in-house. Without bringing everyone to the same physical location, a video conference application can handle it remotely. An application such as OctaMeet offers you to organize a webinar with features such as screen sharing. 

Shift to the Companies Located in Smaller Cities 

To become an attraction point for top talent, your office should be in metropolitan areas such as New York, or Los Angeles. Because any company wants to hire these talents, they can choose where they want to work from. Opportunities that are offered by big cities were a big factor for their job selection. 

Because smaller companies may not have a chance to hire offices in big cities due to financial restrictions, they couldn’t attract the best talents. In working from home era, this has changed dramatically. 

As remote workers don’t have to attend the office 5 days a week, they care less about the location of the company. This means, companies that do not have the budget for good location companies, have a higher chance of attracting talent. 

Globalized Talent Pool to Pick From 

This one is related to the above one. Businesses that are hiring remote employees, can choose from the entire world. If a company is offering a location independent flexible working, they can hire from anywhere. 

That means a company is not limited to hiring talent living near its office. They can hire from a different state, different country, even different continents. Employees working from different places would not have any problem with joining the remote workforce. 

This gave companies a chance to hire from a diverse pool. With this broadened pool, employee quality would rise, which could lead to growth for a business. 

Also, that creates an opportunity for the skilled workforce who are living in underdeveloped countries. They have a higher chance of gaining more and living in better conditions. 

Conclusion – Short Summary 

Remote working has not only changed our lives by changing where we work from, but also change the talent market for the companies. 

In this article, we examined the 4 ways how remote working changed the talent market:

  • Remote working has changed the way how job interviews were conducted. 
  • Remote working has created more variety of virtual learning opportunities. 
  • Remote working has created more change for hiring the best talent for smaller companies. 
  • Remote working has widened the talent pool for human resources. 



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