6 Tips to Make Remote Working Fun

Working from home is the “new normal” for many employees today.
According to surveysone out of every four people will work from home permanently in the future. Furthermore, many employees will continue to use a “hybrid” method that combines office and remote work.
Companies must now guarantee that they have a strategy in place for continuous happiness if they want their employees to succeed in the future workplace.
In today’s environment, employees require more than simply the correct tools and technology to stay effective. They, too, must feel very comfortable in their ever-changing workplace.
We selected some tips and points for how to make remote work fun.  

1. Take Care of Your Body

You don’t need to spend a lot of money on a full-fledged home office; instead, pay attention to how your body feels while working from home. Working from home allows you to change positions more frequently than working in an office.
Sitting on a chair, standing at your kitchen counter, lounging on the sofa, or sitting on a yoga block on the floor with your coffee table as a desk are all good options.
Furthermore, you can exercise while working from home. Thanks to this, you can completely feel ready for work. A healthy mind in a healthy body!

2. Take Advantage of Non-Commuting

How long was your daily commute before the pandemic? Every day, it might take anything from 30 minutes to 2 hours (or more) for many people. It also adds up quickly. Even if it’s only 30 minutes each day, you’ve gained two and a half hours every week!
The trick is to be deliberate about how you spend that time. Schedule it on your calendar, just like a meeting. It doesn’t have to be at the same time as your commute.

3. Team Chat

Any remote team benefits significantly from team chat, yet individuals often overlook its social side.
It doesn’t have to be about work or duties. You and your coworkers can share funny videos to make others laugh.
In addition, you can talk about any subject, including sports games, trends, films, books, etc. Managers can use Whatsapp, Hangouts, and Slack to establish a chat group. It can certainly help us feel like we’re not always working.

4. Schedule Time for Playing

Even in the time of remote work, bonding activities are still crucial. In fact, in the age of this working system, bringing your team together for play intervals maybe even more important.
There are many fun games for how to make working from home fun. You might utilize your video conferencing app’s virtual whiteboard to play games like hangman or Pictionary.
Make sure that these gaming sessions are purely virtual. This will assist in keeping remote employees from feeling “left out” of what’s going on in the office. It’s simpler to stay on the same page when everyone, remote or otherwise, collaborates and interacts via video and web conferencing.
Thanks to the calendar feature of OCTAPULL, where you can have fun and do your work efficiently on a single platform, you can make your plans faster.

5. Listening Sessions

If we are creating a list to make our working time more joyful, it is out of the question not to add music to this list.
Making a “Pre-work” list may help you to feel more comfortable. However, the playlists should always start with the same song, which becomes like a sonic trigger that primes you to focus. Listening to a nice piece could be an excellent idea when checking your mailbox!
If music is not your cup of tea, you have another funny option: Podcasts. There are hundreds of thousands of podcasts that you can find on online platforms. Determine your interests and start!

6. A Green Workspace

Adding greenery to your desk is an easy way to make remote work more fun. Plants that would struggle at an office might thrive in your home, and you get the bonus of being able to enjoy them while you’re not working.
 It is not necessary to have as many plants as a garden, but even a few have been proven to relieve stress and improve concentration.


Working from home can be fun if you let it. So we shared the following ideas for creating a workspace and routines that will make working from home a joyful, sustaining experience. And who knows? You might not even want to go back to the office!
  • Take care of your body
  • Take advantage of non-commuting
  • Team chat
  • Schedule time for playing
  • Listening sessions
  • A green workspace
Except for all the fun activities above, you can find more ideas to make you and your team feel funny.



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