Video Conferencing App for Your Daily Needs

OCTAPULL, which wants to pioneer digital transformation on a global scale, is here with OctaMeet to meet your daily video conferencing platform needs.

OCTAPULL saw the shortcomings of VCaaS (Video conferencing as a service) technologies and presented itself as a solution for those. It revealed the concept of ‘distant channel management’ (DCM), which is the missing piece for digital transformation.

In addition to the OctaSales product, for which offers a distant channel management business model, it has launched the video conferencing application OctaMeet for less professional and daily tasks. Let’s take a deep look at OctaMeet.

What is VCaaS (Video Conference as a Service)?

Before we examine OctaMeet in detail, let’s take a look at what VCaaS it offers.
Video conferencing applications that have been in our lives for about 20 years; It gives people the opportunity to meet face-to-face with their distant loved ones, and it gives companies the chance to meet with their customers just by internet connection.

With the increasing use and the felt need, VCaaS technologies emerged, where a platform offers solutions to all kinds of video conferencing problems, starting from the infrastructure.
Thanks to VCaaS, people no longer need to make extra efforts to talk to each other via video. These platforms not only get people to meet, they also give people confidence that they don’t have to worry about anything other than having their conversations. VCaaS platforms, which perform all necessary infrastructure operations on their servers thanks to cloud technology, make your life easier with the additional features they offer.

OctaMeet Functions

With the pandemic period, people’s expectations from video conferencing applications have also increased. A much wider range of people now need applications with features tailored to their needs.
VCaaS platforms that only allow you to make calls, where you have to pay high amounts for extra features and a decent infrastructure, are about to become a thing of the past. OctaMeet delivers everything you expect from a video conferencing platform, and key features that you need.
We can list the distinctive features of OctaMeet as follows:

  • Supported meeting rooms for up to 100 participants,
  • 30 hours for group meetings,
  • 1 GB cloud storage,
  • Screen sharing,
  • recording meetings,
  • Webinars.

OctaMeet provides the opportunity to meet for 30 hours in rooms that support up to 100 participants. 

OctaMeet comes with a customer support team that will provide you with fast assistance in purchasing, installation, usage and feedback processes. Our team, who will be with you from the moment you want to start your subscription, is always with you so that you can benefit from our application without any problems.

What OctaMeet Adds to Your Life

In the previous topic, we examined the features of OctaMeet. Now let’s look at the benefits that these features will add to your life.

Meeting Rooms Supported Up To 100 Participants

The concept of a meeting room is not new in our life. However, the spread of working from home due to the pandemic, as well as the transition of educational institutions to the distance education model, significantly increased the value of meeting rooms.
Teachers who was teaching crowded student groups in large classrooms ran into some problems when they had to transfer these lectures online:

  • There were very few applications that supports video conference to large amount of people
  • The prices of those who provided this service were very high.

For companies with large teams, teachers with large classrooms, meeting rooms that can support high participant numbers are priceless.

With OctaMeet, you can access meeting rooms for up to 100 people.

30 Hour Group Meeting Time

We talked about the meetings that large groups should hold, but what about the meeting times?
In meetings where so many people express their opinions, it is possible for meetings to last longer than an hour. Managers who want to listen to employee reports and teachers who want to form discussion groups with their students need to be able to hold meetings for a longer period of time.
OctaMeet meets these needs with a group meeting time of 30 hours. In the middle of the discussion, the confusion and waste of time asking all participants to exit and re-enter is not a problem anymore with OctaMeet.

1GB Cloud Storage

While holding group meetings, we need to share some files with our teammates. These files are crucial for the full transmission of the message the meeting wants to convey.
What if we need to share files larger than a few kilobytes during our meeting?
OctaMeet takes care of this problem thanks to the 1GB cloud storage that comes with the subscription.

You can store the files that you need to keep or share with the cloud technology tool. When the time comes, you can share your files in photo, video, pdf or any other format with the meeting participants.

Screen sharing

Sharing what’s going on on your computer or phone screen with the participants can often be life-saving.

Want to show your attendees how a program works?
Want to guide them to complete the tasks they need to do?
Do you want to make a PowerPoint presentation, perhaps as its most used function?
All this is possible with OctaMeet’s screen sharing feature.

Showing what’s on your screen can often be the easiest way to explain things. Thanks to OctaMeet, you can achieve this by sharing your screen with all participants in crowded meeting rooms.

Meeting Recording

The word flies, the record remains. It is known that short summaries for those who missed the meetings can hinder the details where the real importance lies. It is almost impossible to summarize the issues discussed at length in the meetings in a short summary.

With the feature of recording the meetings offered by OctaMeet, everyone will now have access to important details such as exactly what topics were discussed, who said what with what facial expressions and tone of voice.

The difference in meaning created by a small change in tone is known. Now, those who missed meetings and lectures will have the opportunity to access the videos recorded with OctaMeet anytime, anywhere.

You may also want to keep an archive to see what was discussed in your past meetings, who attended, who came up with what suggestions and what comments they made.
With OctaMeet, your meeting, interview or lecture can be archived. Thanks to the meeting recording feature, it is possible to keep it on your computer, external storage disk or cloud technology.


Universities, high schools, primary schools, professional development courses; all of these have turned into things that are done on the internet today. You can access millions of content with one click, and you can improve yourself in the field you want.

If you are an expert in a subject and want to teach people something for profit or as a social responsibility project, you can do this on the internet with the concept of ‘webinar’.

The concept of ‘webinar’, which means live lessons where you can communicate with people, can be used for many purposes:

  • Giving seminars to your employees about the subjects you think they should learn,
  • To raise awareness about social issues,
  • Giving for-profit lectures on your subject matter.

The ‘webinar’, which can be used for all these purposes and more, provides the opportunity to interact with students live, along with video conference platforms such as OctaMeet. The webinar, which you can enrich by allowing participants to ask questions, becomes more beneficial for everyone.

You can immortalize the webinar with OctaMeet’s meeting recording feature, and share it on video sharing sites so that more people can benefit from your wisdom.


To summarize, OctaMeet offers you VCaaS service. Through a single video conferencing platform;

  • organize high-participation and long-lasting meetings,
  • you can store the data you will need in meetings with cloud technology,
  • can present,
  • can host webinars,
  • and you can record everything you do.

In addition to all the features, we offer you a whole experience with Turkish language support and a live support team standing by to solve any problems you may have.

You can download the OCTAPULL application on Google Play or AppStore, or switch to the pricing section on our website to reach OctaMeet, which OCTAPULL, who wants to lead the digital transformation, has launched by targeting daily use.



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