Ad-Free Zoom Alternative – OCTAPULL

Zoom, one of the most frequently used video calling applications in the world, announced that it will start showing ads in its application a while ago.

According to this announcement by Zoom, those who use the app in its basic version will now start seeing ads at the end of their video conferences. It is thought that Zoom, whose revenues have decreased, resorted to earning income from its free users.

The fact that Zoom will start showing ads in video calls may push users to use ad-free alternatives. OCTAPULL offers a completely ad-free video conferencing experience while adding value to your video calls with Octapull Free license.

Are There Ads on Zoom?

Ads will now be displayed in the Zoom application. It will be placed at the end of the conversations and won’t interrupt the conversation by popping up during the interview.

Who Will See Ads in Zoom?

Zoom will show ads to its free basic users. If the meeting host is a paid user, participants won’t encounter ads. 

How Can I Use Zoom Ad-Free?

To use Zoom ad-free, you need to upgrade your account to paid subscriptions. Users using the free version will be exposed to Zoom’s ads.

In group conferences; If the host is a paid user, participants wouldn’t see any ads.

Is Zoom Safe?

It is a known fact that the ads we come across on the internet are based on the ‘cookies’ we leave on the sites. 

This brought to mind the question of whether our conversations will be tracked by Zoom and whether there will be ads accordingly.

Zoom assured its followers that the ads would not have anything to do with the content of the video conferences.

Free of Cost and Ad-Free Zoom Alternative – OCTAPULL

After this decision by Zoom, users can turn to other cost-free and ad-free alternatives.

OCTAPULL is the solution you are looking for in this regard. OCTAPULL, a Turkey-based start-up, set out with the aim of becoming a leading brand in the world with the video conferencing solutions it offers. 

It also offers a unique solution for the costless and ad-free video calling app you are looking for: Octapull Free.

Ad-Free Zoom Alternative – Octapull Free

Octapull Free takes the stage for those who do not want to make video calls with advertisements. 

Completely Free

Octapull Free offers you a completely free video conferencing experience. Besides not asking for any fee to register, it also does not ask for your credit card information in the registration.
Octapull Free, which you will start using for free, will continue to be completely free in the future.

Completely Ad-Free

The fact that Zoom started showing ads to free users took Octapull Free one step further in this regard.
After registering Octapull Free license, you will not encounter any ads in the application and on the site; You will be able to make video calls ad-free.

1 Hour Group Meetings

In the free version of the Zoom application, there is a time limit for meetings with more than 2 people. When you start a group conference, the call ends after 40 minutes and you have to re-open the same room in order to continue the conversation, and you have to re-arrange everything and waste your time.

Octapull Free increases this time to 1 hour. With the Octapull Free license, you can hold your group meetings for 1 hour without interruption.

How Can I Get Started Using Octapull Free?

1. First, click the register button in the upper right corner.

2. Enter your Name, Surname, E-mail address and password on the page that appears.

3. Select Individual as the registration type and Octapull Free as the license. Sign up by accepting the membership terms and Confidentiality Agreement.

4. Then, by confirming the activation mail sent to your e-mail address, you can start using Octapull Free and enjoy ad-free video conferencing.

Start OctaMeet Free Trial

In addition to Octapull Free, OCTAPULL’s completely free license, there is a paid membership OctaMeet is at your service.

On top of everything you can do with Octapull Free, you will get;
30 hours of group meeting time,
1 GB cloud storage,
meeting recording,
and webinar editing features.

We suggest you try OctaMeet before subscribing to Octapull Free. You can proceed by following the same steps as signing up for Octapull Free, the only thing you need to do is choose OctaMeet as the license.

You can use OctaMeet in trial version for 7 days and enjoy almost unlimited 30-hour group meetings.

The great thing about starting an OctaMeet trial period is that you don’t need to enter your credit or debit card information in any way when registering.

You can try OctaMeet for 7 days without sharing any of your bank account information.

If you are satisfied with OctaMeet after 7 days, you can continue to use OctaMeet by entering your account information; or by continuing with Octapull Free license, you can continue to make video calls for free and without ads.

OCTAPULL offers Octapull Free as a solution to your search for an ad-free Zoom alternative. Complete your registration from the OCTAPULL site, enjoy ad-free Zoom!