Why Content Governance Matters: Boost Your Company’s Success with These Strategies

When talking about a business model, the content part is somehow taken for granted as most of the time companies focus on generating income, rather than creating a brand identity. However, in the last couple of years, with the rise of social media and its effect on marketing, content governance has become an important part of doing business and it’s getting the attention it deserves.

Creating solid content definitely plays a big role in a business’ success but the movie doesn’t end there. Companies need to enact a sturdy content governance strategy to make the best out of its content.

Content governance encapsulates the creating process of the content, publishing strategy and maintaining a long-term plan for content strategy. A company should sort its priorities out as regards the content created. Each content should serve a specific purpose and certain KPIs are to be expected.

To establish a strong content governance model, certain questions need to be answered:

·  Who will be in charge of creating the content?

·  What platforms can be used for publishing?

·  Is there a short-term goal that needs to be achieved?

·  What is the long-term strategy of the company?

·  How is the editorial process defined?

By providing sharp and clear answers to these questions, a business can outline the essentials of its content governance strategy and create a roadmap for the people in charge. Having a guidebook for your content strategy will also allow you to look back on your previous attempts and locate what points should be improved for the future activities.

One thing to take note of during content governance is thinking grand of the ways that the content can be published. It’s not only about social media posts or Google advertisements. Companies should make use of alternative ways of creating content such as preparing banners, short videos or even podcasting. Each business should determine what kind of content works best for them and lay out their publishing strategy accordingly.

The Importance of Content GovernanceWhy Content Governance Matters Boost Your Company's Success with These Strategies

The content your company creates becomes the public face of your business. Your customers will gain their first impression by going through your content and for most of them, your public identity will determine the future relationship between you, if there’ll be any.

You can think of your content governance as making a friend in real life. To have someone to be your friend, you need to come across as a likable, joyful and charming person. You should be perceived as someone open to different types of people while maintaining its own characteristics. You must be able to communicate in a friendly tone but not come across as overly ecstatic with your behavior. The same applies for your content governance as well.

First and foremost, your content governance must have a consistent flow. It means that there should be a systematic procedure for how you publish your content. Is it going to be three posts per week? Two posts and one video content? You have to decide the frequency and quality of your content based on your content governance strategy.

If you can achieve a healthy and strong content governance strategy, it can do wonders business. With a good content governance, you can:

·  Gain new customers.

·  Increase your presence in the market.

·  Create yourself a brand identity.

·  Maintain a healthy relationship with your customers.

·  Improve your business strategy through retrospective performance analysis.

Elevate Your Content Governance: A Roadmap to SuccessElevate Your Content Governance: A Roadmap to Success

The success of your content marketing lies beneath a systematic corporate governance. Although each step of content management is not feasible for most of the time, it should at least be designed in a way that your content plan for the next couple of weeks is clear. In time, there can be situations where you need to take urgent steps as regards your presence in social media; however the general outline should be clear.

Another thing to consider in planning your content governance is attaining the right people for the right tasks. People with strong creativity should be responsible with the creation process; while the ones that are good at organizing and management should focus on laying out the content governance plan. People who can track the performance of the content and provide feedback are also needed as content governance needs continuous revision in the process.

And last but not the least, your content governance model should represent your business strategy effectively. Content is not created for the sake of being present on social media or the internet; instead it should be considered as networking in professional life and should represent your company’s mission and vision all the time.

Your content marketing will be successful if your content reaches the correct audience and benefits you with desired outcomes in its run. To ensure that, you have to target customers that should be interested in your business.

To sum up, content governance is an important part of marketing in today’s world. Keeping a consistent content governance strategy in this fast-pacing and ever-changing environment is key to a successful content marketing in the long run and it needs to be handled diligently

Remember, your content is your first touch with your customers. Take care of it well.



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