How to Use Video Conferencing in Different Industries

Video conferencing is nothing new to the business world. Especially in the last two years, video conferencing has experienced an enormous increase and it’s still going strong. 

Although there are still business fields that are relatively alienated towards video conferencing due to their nature and people’s hesitations, it actually can be incorporated into a variety of industries.

Here in this article, we listed some business fields that can benefit from video conferencing in numerous ways and it might come in handy in ways that maybe you didn’t think of before.

Video Conferencing For Finance & Marketing


Although finance and marketing are two separate fields, they are similar in how they are being managed within the organizations. Both of them require extensive research, analyses and long-term planning.

Meetings are definitely a huge part of both of these fields and companies have been conducting their meetings via video conferencing in the past two years. But finance and marketing teams can also use video conferencing for presentations, project management, social gatherings and cross-departmental conferences.

Since remote and hybrid work models are getting more common, incorporating video conferencing to the different layers of businesses can ensure effective communication.


Law is one of those fields that you just can’t ignore in-person meetings. Whether you’re interviewing your client or attending the court, there is always something that requires you to leave your home. But, the pandemic has shown us that maybe it doesn’t have to be.

Interviewing a client is not very different from an office meeting and you definitely can use video conferencing for that purpose. Also, video conferencing tools allow you to make screen recordings that you can save for later.

In a field like law, taking a record for anything is definitely a go go and you can always go back and watch the recordings to reevaluate your case.

There is also the counseling and legal research aspect of law, which doesn’t require a lot of in-person communication. Law offices can take advantage of this situation and hold video conference meetings to assess the latest developments in their teams.

Health Care


Health care heavily depends on one-to-one inspection of patients and it’s not easy to make a diagnosis without actually examining the patient. However, there are lots of cases which don’t require patients to be present in the doctor’s office and video conferencing is such a great opportunity for those circumstances.

For follow-on seances and diseases that can be easily diagnosed through a simple conversation, online conferencing can definitely be very practical. On a daily basis, a doctor’s workload is pretty busy and time attributed to a single patient decreases a lot in face-to-face inspections.

Carrying a portion of that workload to video conferencing can benefit both the doctors and the patients by creating a time flexible environment.

There are also scenarios that a doctor might require you to see different departments in the same hospital and sometimes going back and forth in different sections of a hospital can be very time-consuming and exhausting for patients. For those situations, a simple video conference meeting can save everyone a lot of time.

Video Conferencing in Manufacturing


As can be seen, resources and supply chain management are crucial for operations of a manufacturing company and keeping updated with news at both ends can be quite difficult with in-person communications.

Implementing a simple online conferencing strategy might allow manufacturing companies to gain immediate insight from their providers and it can even be used for immediate product insight from test groups.

Time is key for manufacturing companies and saving from time means saving from costs for them. So, using video conferencing for jobs to be done by remote teams will allow manufacturing companies to make a move in the right time for their good.

Digital Conferencing in Entertainment

Of course, what other business field can be more suitable for the use of digital conferencing? Finally, it is Entertainment! What can be provided in the entertainment industry usually has a remote nature that can be enjoyed from anywhere in the world.

In fact, during the pandemic, most of the entertainers such as comedians, singers and actors used online conferencing to present their craft to their audience through video conferencing. Through video conferencing, the location barrier to an artist’s performance has simply vanished and it allowed the entertainment sector to be enjoyed by a wider audience.

Digital conferencing can be used inside the entertainment industry as well. Holding an audition for a role? Want to share a demo of your song with the music company? Just arrange a video meeting where you can evaluate your work and decide future plans without losing time.

All in all, these are the five industries where video conferencing can be effectively used. However, there are lots of opportunities that online conferencing can be enjoyed and it’s up to your imagination at one point.

It’s important to note here that what video conferencing allows for your business is, more than anything, time efficiency and practicality.

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