A Business Opportunity: Network Marketing

Today, many brands in many different sectors launch the product or service they are working on. This large number of companies or brands in the market leads them to find themselves in a competitive environment inevitably.

Along with financial and commercial concerns, each company feels obliged to do more than it can to promote the product in the best way and to publicize it to the public. 

In this context, the marketing strategies of brands for their products or services carry a great deal of importance.

Network marketing is one of these strategies. Network marketing, also known as multi-layered marketing according to different sources, is a widely used marketing technique by a number of companies. 

Network marketing is a marketing technique that we mostly hear about in our daily lives, however, we do not have detailed information about what network marketing is, how it works, what benefits it provides to companies or what kind of results it produces. 

In this article, we aim to give a clear and complete understanding of what network marketing is. This will help you to see if it is an effective marketing strategy for your brand or company when it comes to launching your products in the market. 

What Is Network Marketing?A Business Opportunity: Network Marketing

Network marketing strategy, as the name suggests, is a collaborative marketing of a product or service by people in the same “network”.

Individuals in this network use the product and promote the product that they are using. After this promotion takes place, the person obtains a certain amount of profit from the sales made by the person. 

How Does Network Marketing Work?

The main point here is to bring the potential customer and the product together directly. The customer does not have to go to the place where the product is sold or to the store. 

An important role in convincing the customer is played by the fact that the person selling the product uses the product. 

Depending on the situation, this can be done through one-to-one meetings, online platform meetings or video conferencing applications. 

The situation for these so-called networkers is quite simple. They use the product, they try it and if they are pleased with the product, they recommend it.  

What Are the Benefits of Network Marketing?

Network marketing strategy stands out as a very effective method for companies to market their products. 

By using networkers as intermediaries, companies carry out the promotion or advertising activities of their products more easily. The process of promoting the product and opening it to the market takes place much more quickly.

Increasing Sales Rates

This increases sales rates without the need to allocate a high budget for advertising activities.  

Saves Time

It also helps you save time so that you can focus more on the product itself by spending less time on marketing and advertising

Helps Reaching Larger Audiences

Moreover, it carries less risk in product marketing and sales by reaching larger audiences with a smaller budget. You are less likely to experience financial losses as there is no need to make major financial commitments

Provides Preview Process

Moreover, since you have networkers who experience the products first hand and can give you feedback about the product as a result of their experiences, you can make adjustments, modifications and improvements on the product

This is an advantage that can lead to higher sales. 

Creates Passive Income

On the other hand, network marketing is a passive source of income for networks. They can make product sales from their homes, offices or any place they are in.

In this case, the internet provides great opportunities for networkers. They can easily reach potential customers from online platforms, remote settings such as video conferencing applications from their location. 

Time and Space Are Not an Issue

For both the company and the employees, there is no need to be dependent on elements such as time and place within the scope of promoting and marketing the product. 

What Should Networkers Pay Attention To? A Business Opportunity: Network Marketing

The networker who will be marketing the product should not only see the product as an element of profit, but also should recommend the products that they are really satisfied with.

The networker should communicate with the customer and introduce the product properly. For this reason, it is important to pay attention to their behavior in face-to-face or video conference meetings with potential customers. 

Moreover, since the networker is also the person who delivers the product to the customer, they should also be closely involved in the delivery process of the product. They must make sure that the product is delivered to the customer in a proper and intact form. 

Accordingly, the networker should pay attention to the communication channels and applications they prefer and should choose the most appropriate video conferencing solution. 

OctaMeet, OCTAPULL’s pioneering application, offers one-to-one online meetings with customers on a single platform, enabling networkers to closely follow the product promotion and product supply process.

Overall, network marketing is one of the ideal marketing strategies for both business owners and employees. Thanks to the benefits it provides to both the networker and the business owner, it is a method that is frequently used these days. 

In this article, we have discussed what network marketing is, how it works and the benefits it brings to both business owners and networkers.