What is Workflow Management – Let OCTAPULL Handle It

Institutions and organizations have the goal of being more efficient. Organizations, which are human-made structures, want to maximize and automate the cooperation among people in order to increase their productivity.

Workflow management is one of the concepts that emerged to increase the coordination between people and even machines. It ensures that the work processes are managed and followed. It ensures that all those processes are running smoothly.

What is Workflow?

In an organization, operations are planned in parts. It is necessary to determine the processes that a job will go through. Workflow, is an algorithm that shows which rules will be followed during these processes. Workflow is the process from a planned job to a completed job; It describes the progression from a raw idea to a processed result.
Here is an example of workflow;

  • Research,
  • preparing notes,
  • Identifying the titles
  • drafting,
  • To edit

It is a workflow created to perform the writing of an essay. You can create a workflow from the simplest job to the most complex job, and perform the job based on defined rules.

What is a Workflow Chart? How is it created?

A workflow chart is a visualization of the business processes required to complete the job. By visualizing the processes according to their order, you can ensure that they are easily followed.
Work flow charts, which are necessary to facilitate the follow-up of especially large-scale works; As seen in the image, the processes are in a shape; the ordering between them can also be created as indicated by arrows.

Also, there are Gantt Charts, which are designed by Henry Gantt, to visualize workflow and business management steps.

What are the Workflow Types?

Workflow exists within every institution or organization. Some are very structured and detailed, some are completely messy. But no matter how irregular it is, if there is work to be done, there is always a workflow.

Scheduled flows will always be more productive for your business, rather than a random one. Here are some types of workflows that are used in different areas and that you can use in your workplace:

  • Instant (ad-hoc) Workflows
  • Structured Workflows
  • Process Workflows
  • Workflows by State
  • Project Workflows

Instant (Ad-Hoc) Workflows

It is a workflow used in business types where decisions are made with human relations rather than automation. It is used for one-time jobs that do not have a specific order.

Structured Workflows

These workflows have been structured all along. Works happen in accordance with the workflow depending on defined rules. Because these workflows are structured before the work, they are also repeatable.

Process Workflows

Streamlined, routinely performed workflows. How the work will go from the beginning to the end is predetermined and this is known before it starts.

Workflows by State

In this type of flow, the actions to be taken throughout the flow are not known from the beginning. It is shaped by the situation. Customer service processes can be an example. Although it is not known how to solve the problem at first, the workflow is shaped with the information to be obtained in the process.

Project Workflows

This name is given to the workflows prepared specifically for the project. A workflow is prepared from the very beginning and proceeds accordingly. There is a little more flexibility in this type than in process workflow. Things can change depending on the situation.

But it should be noted that this type of workflow is only for a project, as it does not belong to an iterative process. Refreshing your website is an example of this type of flow. But when you want to do it again, you cannot continue in the same workflow, it is one time only.

What is Workflow Management?

Workflow management includes;

  • planning,
  • orienting,
  • control,
  • and defining the workflow in order to complete a given task.

Here’s what workflow management will bring to your business:

  • Modeling
  • Orientation
  • Surveillance
  • Control

Modeling (Visualization)

With the workflow management softwares, you get the opportunity to model your workflow. The application creates the workflow chart and presents it to you. In this way, you can visually see the KPIs you need to complete and have the opportunity to follow your work better.


While progressing in the workflow, next work is directed to the responsible person. In this way, the processes are accelerated by ensuring that all stages of the work are in the hands of the right person.


Through the modeling of the workflow, the visualized processes can be observed to produce clearer results. This allows workflow to be tracked better.

In this way, you can understand which of the jobs in the workflow has priority. By noticing unnecessary loads in the workflow, the project manager can take them out to increase efficiency.


Workflow management also provides tracking and recording of all processes in the workflow. In this way, you can see who is doing which step, and you can have a more comprehensive view about your business.

What is Workflow Automation?

Workflow automation means, automating the sequence of tasks in the workflow, to remove error possibility.

Workflow tasks can be handled manually by the agents. But that has some drawbacks.
When there is a human, there is always a possibility for an error. Missed deadlines, unmotivated workers may interrupt the workflow. Workflow automation offers a solution for those kinds of problems. You can remove the human factor and ensure that workflow is continuing.

By automating workflow, you can reduce the workload of the workers. Workers can transfer their efforts to more productive task to grow the business.

With the Centralized and Individual Planning System of OctaSales, you can do the ‘Approval Management’ feature of the workflow automation.

You can make the low tier worker’s plans approved by the top management, or make sure the top management’s plans are received by the workers to start preparations.
You can start the workflow management of your field teams with OctaSales. You can start the 14-day-trial at any second. Or you can Request a Demo and have a briefing about the application from our Product Manager!



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