What is Buzz Marketing? 4 Strategies Used In Buzz Marketing

There is a good chance that the name rings a bell for many of you. It could be the buzzing of bees, the humming of people talking to one another. Sounds familiar?

Buzz marketing, which is believed to be named after this origin, is in high demand. This marketing method, which is born from people talking among themselves and passing news to each other, is very popular today. 

Buzz marketing is the process by which consumers spread rumors about a specific service or product through particular platforms. The primary objective of this digital marketing strategy is to reach and engage a wide audience as much as possible. 

Buzz marketing uses specific marketing methods to get the product or service talked about.

Now that we have briefly mentioned what buzz marketing is, it is time to talk about the techniques used in this marketing strategy. 

Here are 4 digital marketing strategies used in buzz marketing:

AdvertisingWhat is Buzz Marketing

Brands aim to reach a large number of people by using mass media to advertise their products or services. This is a widely used strategy by many of them.

In this way, brands can be in front of people’s eyes throughout the day thanks to the devices they use on a daily basis. 

Since people are exposed to many advertisements in their daily lives, they will not pay attention to the fact that these advertisements are sales marketing, and if it is a product that interests them, they will start to research about the product. 

Once they decide to buy the product and are pleased with it after trying it, they will tell their friends about this experience. In this way, other people who start to think well about the product will be more inclined to buy this product or service

Collaborating with Influencers

People who are popular and have a certain audience on social media platforms such as Instagram, YouTube, Facebook or TikTok are called influencers. These people are followed and watched in high numbers and are seen as role models by certain masses.

Therefore, what these people wear, what places they go to or what products they use are of great interest to these audiences. The audiences who are interested in them show great interest in what these influencers say and show. 

Several brands that are aware of this potential prefer to take advantage of the power of these people to reach and influence large audiences and promote the product or service they have launched or will launch into the market through these people. 

This strategy method is a part of Buzz marketing. In this strategy, brands agree with these influencers for a certain fee or service and ask them to promote their products. 

Hence, by reaching a large number of audiences, they aim to sell more of the product or service and make it more widespread among the public.

Organizing a LaunchWhat is Buzz Marketing

Organizing a launch is another widely preferred buzz marketing strategy. In launches, the product or service to be marketed is promoted. In these launches, it is aimed to present the benefits of the product to the user in a very detailed and convincing way

Brands aim to increase customer curiosity about this product while providing detailed information about the product. 

Experts with sufficient knowledge on the subject ensure that this product is tried by potential customers. Thus, customers have a detailed idea about the product and have a one-to-one experience with the product before purchasing the product. 

Through this strategy, the customer, rather than the company, convinces itself to buy the product

Moreover, by inviting the influencers to these launches, many brands make these launches more fun by turning them into an event. By organizing events at these launches, the fun part of the brand and its versatility are revealed. 

Rather than thinking that the brand is only trying to sell a product, it is thought that these brands focus on social relationships, making them seem more “sincere, genuine and friendly” to the people.

With this mentality, it is aimed to increase the sales of the brand’s products. Even though all these “fun” activities may sound good, they all emerge as a marketing strategy for the product to be purchased. 

Creating Demand for the Product

Although it is seen as a simpler and more verbal method compared to other methods, creating demand for the product can be achieved through certain words used in advertisements. 

Indicating that the product is limited in number or that it will be on the market for a short period of time can be an attractive detail for potential customers.  

Brands with a specific audience aim to convey the message that only a “special” group of people can access these products and that only “specific” people can use these products. The aim is to increase demand for the product.

All these marketing strategies are carried out under the name of buzz marketing method. In all 4 strategies, the main goal is to attract the attention of the user and to ensure that the product or service becomes widespread among these potential customers. 

To summarize, the aim is to persuade people to recommend the product to each other, thus creating a “buzz” among them.



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