Employee Appreciation Ideas For Companies in 2023

Many employees working in companies experience ups and downs both at work and in private life, and are often unable to catch the motivation they need for a great work. 

The intensity and fatigue they experience in daily life and in the work environment inevitably affect their work efficiency.

However, apart from the things that employees can do for themselves, there are some ways with which companies can make their employees feel better and improve employee appreciation and productivity. 

It is observed that employees who are appreciated and motivated are more successful in their working lives. For this reason, employee appreciation is a very effective method for companies, both for office workers and remote workers

Here are some employee appreciation ideas for companies for 2023:

Saying Thank You is Not Simple 

It may sound cliché, but a sincere thank you to your employee can make their whole day. Having employee appreciation by company executives, saying “good job” is sometimes enough. 

Throughout the day, we need to hear nice things when our mood is lowered by the stress of work, the rush of life, and sometimes by the people with negative attitudes around us. 

At such a moment, a small word of appreciation will do us good.

Celebrate Birthdays!Employee Appreciation Ideas For Companies in 2023

Celebrating your employees’ birthdays will make them feel more valuable. It will remind them that they are not only important individuals in their professional lives but also in their personal lives. 

You can celebrate their birthday in person by giving them a small celebration in the office. For those who work remotely, you can celebrate their birthday by calling them or meeting them via video call. 

Alternatively, a simple post on your company’s social media account celebrating their birthday will put a smile on their face. 

Sudden Sweet Surprises

On an ordinary day, during an ordinary lunch break, you can surprise them with a nice meal. It could be a box of pizza or a box of donuts. It is up to you.

After bringing the team together, chatting and enjoying this meal will lift the mood of your employees. If you join them, it will lower the walls between you and your employees and show them that you are one of them.

After all, whatever your position in a company, you are all human beings outside of your professional lives. 

Gift Giving For Employee Appreciation

Giving gifts in the workplace can be a sweet activity. Buying gifts for employees on special occasions or holidays will warm their hearts.

If you are struggling to come up with gift ideas or don’t have the time to do so, you can also consider other options.

Gift cards, discount coupons, or restaurant deals that can be used by your office employees or remote employees can help them feel content.

In this way, they can use these options to buy and enjoy the things they want or need depending on their own interests. 

Let Them Be Seen!

Remind them of what they have achieved at regular intervals according to your work pattern. This can be an individual or a team reminder. 

Congratulate them on these achievements. It is very critical for employee appreciation. Employee of the month, workaholic of the week. Let the team see these individual achievements as well. 

Being visible and appreciated by their colleagues will make them feel better. 

Game BreakEmployee Appreciation Ideas For Companies in 2023

It can be a great option to have a break room in the office, an environment where your employees can rest and relax while having a quality time. This can include console games, board games and other types of games

It’s better for your employees to have a little gaming break from time to time, no matter how serious their work is. 

Especially getting together with your remote team via online platforms and playing games will allow them to get away from the workload for even a short time. Spending time with their colleagues will keep them motivated for work. 

Motivational Meetings

Making someone happy does not necessarily mean buying expensive gifts and throwing extravagant parties.

You can appreciate your employees in many different ways, verbally and in action. You may not always have the time, the budget or the right environment to do them. 

This is not a big deal. Simply keeping in touch with your employees periodically, asking them how their day started or how it has been, can do the trick.

You can get together with both your employees in the office and your remote workers at regular intervals. You can ask them how their work and life are going, how they are doing from the previous meeting to the current one.

These interactions will indicate that you care about them personally. You can organize these meetings either face-to-face, over the phone or via video conference calls on your computers.

If you prefer video conference meetings to see your employees’ faces and hear them simultaneously, there is a good option for you. 

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