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We help companies, professionals, freelancers,
entrepreneurs and casual users save time by optimizing
their daily efforts via video-based distant solutions.

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We are here for you and your organization to keep in touch and communicate when you’re working remotely.



Here is a distant channel management tool for your business! OctaSales Family provides sales and field teams to plan and maintain remote actions & online meetings. You can also plan, apply and report your actions via one platform. We aim to bring field actions to professionals as the most important part of digitalization.



About Us

OCTAPULL is a value-driven start-up. Time is the most important value in our lives. We are always dreaming about how to use it in a more fulfilling way using technology. We help companies, professionals, freelancers, entrepreneurs, and almost everyone save their time by optimizing their daily efforts via distant solutions.


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Distant Channel Management, DCM is the first vertical application area of video conferencing platforms, the central driving force of remote working and business transformation.