Motivating Your Remote Team: Insights from the Home Office 

In the modern era, the home office working model has become increasingly prevalent, reshaping the traditional understanding of the work culture.

Although it offers businesses various advantages for both employees and enterprises, some challenges may arise due to its nature.

These include communication issues and maintaining motivation, and overcoming such situations requires enterprises to take appropriate measures and steps.

In this sense, they can benefit from actionable tips and solutions to effectively manage and empower their remote teams. 

With a focus on improving collaboration, productivity, and a healthy work and personal life balance, businesses can use these steps to navigate the complexities of remote work in today’s dynamic business landscape. 

Advantages of Home OfficeAdvantages of Home Office

Home office or remote working is a flexible working practice adopted by various enterprises. With this working model, employees can work remotely from their home or own working environment, they are not required to go to the office during work hours. 

Home office offers a wide range of advantages and benefits to both enterprises and employees. Having the freedom to work from their environment and to set their hours, motivation and productivity of employees are positively affected. 

Another aspect is the opportunity to maintain the balance between work and personal life. While this allows home office and remote workers to increase their motivation, they can also minimize their expenses and spend less time on daily commutes. 

As for enterprises, the lack of a physical office can greatly reduce their operational costs, and their resources can be used for other areas.  

Determined by their requirements, businesses can restrict the application of the home office setting to chosen departments or adopt it as the sole model of working for the whole organization. 

Challenges During Home Office Remote Working Environments 

Insufficient Communication 

The home office model may cause difficulties in team coordination, communication, and management. Additionally, mutual trust, motivation, and overall enterprise performance can be negatively affected.

Therefore, employers can create a well-structured micromanagement plan and make adjustments depending on the hierarchical order of the members and departments. The implementation of a flat hierarchy can be a suitable model for small businesses. 

In this sense, business applications, messaging tools, and video conferencing software such as OctaMeet can significantly increase productivity and team collaboration in the home office and remote working models. 

Decreased Productivity 

Home office and remote working teams can experience loss of motivation and feeling of burnout over time, and this can affect their efficiency and productivity.  

Hence, enterprises can overcome such situations by defining their policies and guidelines clearly and informing remote-working employees of their expectations regarding their position. 

Issues About Infrastructure and Work Environment 

In-home office working model, it is important for remote teams to have stable internet connections and suitable home office environments.  

Otherwise, technical problems regarding internet infrastructure, and stability issues with software, tools, and hardware can cause difficulties and inefficiency in workflow. 

Enterprises can choose the appropriate solution among On-premises, SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS solutions, and improve their infrastructure and business operations. 

Why Do Employees Lose Motivation?  

Remote teams may lose their motivation due to various reasons. These include negative emotions, struggling with or not giving enough value to a task, and lack of confidence. 

1. Negative Emotions 

    When home office employees experience negative emotions, such as feeling anxious, depressed, etc., this will disrupt their mental well-being, and they will end up losing their motivation to start or continue doing a task in the process. 

    To overcome such situations, enterprises must properly approach them and practice active listening. Additionally, offering assistance where necessary, and scheduling sessions for constructive discussion can be beneficial. 

    2. Lack of Motivation  

      Encountering struggles and obstacles during a task or process, employees may be demotivated as a result of it. Especially, if they cannot identify the cause of the issue, this can further worsen the situation.  

      Solving this can be overwhelming in the remote working model due to the lack of physical office environments and supervising employees being harder to conduct.  

      In this sense, enterprises can aid remote teams in identifying the root of the problem and offer new strategies or plans to avoid such occasions. 

      3. Poor Time Management 

        If employees feel as though their task has no connection to them or does not contribute to them in any way, they can be reluctant to complete it. Enterprises can try adding value to the task to motivate home office working for remote teams. 

        While it is important to talk to employees to identify their values and perspectives, tasks can be made more intellectually interesting and aligned with their talents. Emphasizing the importance and benefits of achieving it can ignite motivation. 

        Additionally, it is important to give sufficient time for tasks, so that employees can complete them on time. 

        4. Improper Task Assignment

          It is natural for employees to lose motivation and confidence when they think their capacity is not enough or they are over-qualified, even.  

          To increase their motivation, enterprises can assign remote teams more difficult tasks over time or divide larger tasks into smaller pieces. This can allow them to work more efficiently and with less effort. 

          Tips for Increasing Home Office Teams’ MotivationTips for Increasing Remote Teams’ Motivation

          Clear Communication 

          Having clear communication with employees on a daily or weekly basis is crucial for remote working settings. This can not only increase motivation but also allow enterprises to check in on the progress of work and supervise teams regularly. 

          Through message-based applications and virtual meeting tools, home office working teams can stay in touch with each other. Furthermore, online meetings can be held, and team members can discuss one-on-one their tasks, progress, achievements, concerns, and questions. 

          In this sense, effective communication can eliminate potential misunderstandings, strengthen mutual trust, and ignite motivation, as well as increase productivity and efficiency. 

          OctaMeet, our new-generation video conferencing platform, allows businesses to hold online meetings and conduct their operations with comfort. 

          Setting and Agreeing on Expectations 

          The home office employees need to be informed of the expectations regarding their positions, tasks, and responsibilities, as this will increase their motivation to accomplish the goals and be successful. 

          However, performance expectations of enterprises should be specific and realistic. If the expectations are excessively high, the motivation of employees may be negatively affected. 

          Recognizing and Celebrating Achievements 

          It is known that employees whose achievements are recognized are more willing to work diligently in comparison to others. Therefore, enterprises should adopt a management approach that encourages motivation by celebrating employee achievements and milestones. 

          In this sense, sales incentives and promotions can increase teams’ loyalty and decrease retention/turnover. 

          Providing a Productive Work Environment 

          The home office working model brings various benefits and comfort, along with many challenges. To aid remote teams in a more productive and efficient work setting, enterprises can provide them with a budget that can be used for setting up a private home office environment.   

          These can include providing necessary tools such as laptops, headphones, and accessories and covering their expenses regarding work environment such as internet access.  

          Additionally, enterprises should also make use of software that eases remote communication, project management, task planning, and collaboration.

          Work and Social Life Balance

          Remote working and flexible working hours allow remote teams to have more time for their personal lives and maintain a balance between work and social life. By reducing the time dedicated to daily commutes and traffic, they can spend more time with their loved ones.  

          Therefore, remote workers are often happier, more productive, and feel more motivated, and this increased motivation and efficiency affect their work life positively as well. 

          Providing Flexibility

          Flexibility has become an important factor as remote working employees ask for more flexible schedules depending on their lifestyles, social lives, and availabilities.  

          While employees may have to plan their work schedule instead of set hours, and this can offer benefits and comforts to them, it may pose issues for employers.  Hence, a flexible and result-oriented approach can significantly improve the productivity and motivation of remote teams.  

          They can complete their tasks with the condition of paying attention to deadlines. However, they can still be expected to be present at scheduled meetings and be available for contact during work hours set by the organizations. 

          OctaMeet offers enterprises a secure and easy-to-use video conferencing platform thanks to its fast and reliable infrastructure. This allows online virtual meetings to be held effortlessly, greatly increasing the collaboration of remote teams and facilitating business operations.  

          You can contact us today to schedule a demo meeting and learn more about licenses of OctaMeet.



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