10 Alternative Places for Remote Working

In the current situation, remote working is mostly associated with working from home. Considering how the remote work model has struck the scene in the beginning, it’s understandable that it’s still associated with home.

Since the pandemic isn’t officially over, people might still find working from home safer than being present in the public areas. Although working in a café or during vacation are still popular, it seems like working remotely is limited to certain areas.

If we’re expecting remote work to stay, and it likely will, maybe we should also broaden our understanding of working to a wider range of places for remote working. At the end of the day, if you’re limiting yourself with certain places for working remotely, how different is it from working in an office?

In this post, we are going to suggest 10 alternative places for remote working. Depending on your personal taste or what you look for in a place, you can choose whichever option you find suitable.

1. Coworking Spaces10 Alternative Places for Remote Working

Coworking spaces were already blooming in the business world and relatively small-sized businesses have taken advantage of them for quite a while now. But with the rise of the remote work model, they’re becoming even more relevant now.

They are usually mutual offices for people who work in different companies and they’re designed as regular offices but with a fun touch. Depending on the provider, coworking spaces can offer extras such as a gym, café, or hobby rooms.

Working with other people, regardless of whether you know them or not, is always a good idea because you won’t feel isolated. You can also form some friendships or networks by spending time with other people.

2. Bookshops

If you’re more of a quiet person, then bookshops can be the optimum choice for you. After all, everyone can enjoy a little bit of silence when working.

Bookshops usually come with additional rooms for working or a café section where you can enjoy your drink and work at the same time. Since they’re targeted at readers, they are usually quiet and designed to ensure a comforting environment.

You can also spend time with books and find yourself a new friend that you can take anywhere.

3. Art Galleries

Maybe you’re an arts person and you just can’t get away from being a part of it. Then art galleries might be the perfect option for you.

Not every art gallery provides space for working but there should be at least one if you look for it. Art galleries aim at providing a fresh and lively environment and you can enjoy working in such a rich place.

Decorated with different kinds of artworks, you can have yourself a bonus time with art in the middle of your workflow.

4. Camping Places for Remote Working

Now, this might not be for everyone as it’s a little far end of the spectrum, but for those who seek a bit of excitement in where they work, camping can be a great opportunity.

Camping is definitely not easy as simple problems in your daily life such as eating or washing turns into real challenges. But it also provides you a peaceful working environment surrounded with nature.

If you missed spending some time in nature or would enjoy a total detachment from people, working while camping can be a good option for you.

5. Lodges / Cabins Places for Remote Working

If you think that camping is a bit far stretched for your liking, you can try having a similar experience by renting a lodge or a cabin for a few days.

The mentality behind lodges or cabins are not so different from camping as they’re usually located in forests, beach sides or mountain areas. You still will be in touch with the environment but with a touch of civilization.

After you’re done with working, you can go for a walk or have yourself a little drink across the scenery. As long as you have an internet connection, you’ll be fine.

6. Places for Remote Working? On the Road10 Alternative Places for Remote Working

Surprised are you? Well, you don’t have to be because working while traveling can actually be really fun.

Maybe it’s one of those long business trips or you’re just on your way to the hotel you booked months ago and you still have things to do. Why not open up your computer in the middle of your journey as a digital nomad?

Regardless of your means of transportation, a journey is always a hectic environment with scenery constantly changing and a lot of people in your presence. Sometimes the best way to focus is being surrounded by a lot of distractions.

7. University Centers

Universities can offer some of the best workspaces in your vicinity. Since they’re literally institutions for studying and working, you’ll not have any difficulty finding a proper workplace for yourself.

It can be the library, a student café or the grass area that stretches as far as the eye can see. You will have access to internet connection, beverages and food when you need, a paradise for remote workers.

8. Gyms

Yes, you got it right, gyms. Modern gyms are not all about equipment and bathrooms but they also provide leisure centers such as coffee shops.

If you’re the type that just can’t live without exercising, you can try having a work session in your gym. Before or after your work, you can schedule yourself a workout plan and don’t worry about spending extra time going to the gym.

But you’ll be carrying a lot of weight with you, so it’s up to you.

9. Parks

What is better than being with the environment without going too far from your house? By just taking a short walk to your favorite park, you can have a cool working experience without getting disconnected from your place.

You can also take short walks or have yourself a small picnic at the same time. Definitely worth trying.

10. Strange Places for Remote Working: Hotels

Sometimes it’s best to stick with what we’re used to. If you want a getaway but don’t want to stray too much from civilization, you can book a few days in a hotel and take it easy for a while.

You will not have to worry about washing the dishes or ironing your clothes. It’s going to be just you and your laptop. You can also do some fun activities in the facilities of the hotel as well.

So, these are the 10 alternative places you can try working. But remember that the sky’s the limit and you can turn anywhere into your little workstation.



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