What is Corporate Culture? Integrate it with Remote Work

Organizations live for efficiency. higher efficiency; means higher profitability and higher volume of business.

One of the key ways to increase productivity is to have a meaningful company culture. It is a concept that covers everything from local relations, openness to innovation, and regulation of employee behavior. It should be defined and stable.

With the digital transformation of the business world, it may be necessary to make the remote working model a part of the corporate culture.

Research shows that remote work will take up a big place in the business world in the future. 
PwC, one of the largest companies in America, will switch its 40 thousand employees to the remote working system. It proves that remote or hybrid working systems will take place in our lives for a long time.

What is Corporate Culture? – Corporate Culture Definition

Corporate culture includes corporate-specific behaviors, beliefs, and habits. They are unwritten rules that regulate behavior, relationships, and working methods to maintain order and discipline within the institution.

Among the things that make up the corporate culture;

  • the establishment story and history of the institution,
  • core values ​​on which it leans,
  • the way it interacts with its environment,
  • its vision and mission.

But ‘corporate culture’ is really about how things work within the company.

How Important is a Company Culture To Its Success

In a company with an established culture, employees find guidance on how to work, thanks to the corporate culture, which prevents them from getting lost in obscurity. The corporate culture, which is a guide on how things will work, is also adopted by the employees.

The employee, who adopts the corporate culture with the help of human resources, finds a guide for himself when he starts working. The employee, who passes the adaptation process quickly thanks to the corporate culture, also feels himself a part of a whole.

The job satisfaction of the employee who is aware of the fact that he/she is in a solid culture increases. This increases productivity. Employee loyalty is ensured and the company gains a valuable member.

Employees in a productive organizational culture can talk about how ‘super’ your company is. This can give you an advantage in public relations and make you a desirable company to work for.

How Are Good Corporate Cultures Created?

Corporate culture does not happen in the beginning, it is a time-consuming process. The extent of the stakeholders’ roles in this formation varies, but all the company’s stakeholders play a role in creating and transmitting this culture.

The human resources departments of the companies can be seen as the most authoritative units in this regard. They can be a guide in the formation of culture. In KPMG’s 2020 research, 71% of executives think that the human resources department plays a vital role in establishing the right corporate culture.

What Can HR Do To Build Company Culture?

The human resources department should consider the following criteria when creating a corporate culture:

  • It should be in line with the company’s goals, vision, and mission,
  • Must provide the necessary conditions for the company to remain competitive in the business world,
  • It should be able to keep up with the rapidly changing business world and be flexible.

This culture cannot be established by memorizing, managers and employees should also help to form the culture with their behaviors.

Board members’ behavior is important in the creation of company culture. A strong leader is important in establishing a strong culture. It plays a vital role as an example to the employees and face of the company. It plays a significant role to inspire employee engagement.

4 Types Of Corporate Culture

Clan Culture

Those companies are usually family-owned. It uses traditional ways to keep the values of the corporate and the family. It aims to take personal care with the employees to create a feeling of full unity as a family.

Hierarchical Culture

Those companies are very structural and rule-bonding. It is a fast decision-making type where only the board has a word in the important issues. 

Market Culture

This culture type is result-oriented. In such cultures, who works the most, who gets the biggest reward. You have to be very hardworking, but if you do, you get rewarded big. 

Adhocracy Culture

Those cultures are usually digital and innovative ones. It encourages risk-taking to all members. Everyone has a right to say their thoughts. All priority is on the innovations. 

How To Ensure Good Corporate Culture?

As you can see, types of cultures, ties, and roots from the past are strictly adhered to; change and development are denied.

In today’s business world, where automation and digital transformation have become the number one actors, it is pointless to resist these innovations.

In the future projections, it is seen that remote working and hybrid working models will continue to exist in the future. Studies in some countries show that more than half of workers want to continue working remotely after the pandemic.

The full integration of institutions in these new working models will be the determining factor in terms of their sustainability. For this reason, it is important to include remote work, digital transformation, and automation in the corporate culture.

Digital transformation can be overcome without any damage, thanks to the evolution of the corporate culture in this direction. If this change is tried to be made without internalizing it by companies, a corrupt structure may emerge.

As management consultant Peter F. Drucker puts it:

‘Culture eats strategy for breakfast.’

For the corporate culture to adapt to digital transformation, corporate leaders and managers and the human resources department will need to take responsibility.

You will also need consultants and software that can assist your company to complete your digital transformation. The distant channel management (DCM) model that you can use with OctaSales offers a new solution for your company’s field teams to digitize their work and make it suitable for remote working.

By incorporating the digital transformation and remote working model into your corporate culture, you can take a positive step for both the happiness of your employees and the efficiency of your business. These days when the world and especially the business world is developing rapidly, making working remotely a corporate culture. In this way, keep the sustainability and efficiency of your institution at the highest level!



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