How to Win Loyal Customers: Task Tracking and Customer Satisfaction

Efficient task tracking forms the backbone of project management due to its important role in business operations and customer satisfaction.

The dynamic nature of today’s business world necessitates businesses to meet increasing and at times challenging customer expectations. Therefore, monitoring of tasks and proper management of processes has become a significant practice. 

In this sense, project management tools can help organizations track tasks, and the integration of video communication tools such as OctaMeet into business processes offers various advantages.  

These include enhanced team collaboration, increased operational efficiency, meeting customer needs and requests, providing a better customer experience, and building stronger relationships with clients and stakeholders. 

What is Task Tracking? 

Task tracking is an essential part of project management that allows enterprises to track various tasks and processes of business operations. 

Project management tools, on the other hand, offer a centralized platform for monitoring and organizing tasks, prioritizing them according to deadlines.

Every aspect related to the tasks including assignees, start and end dates, subtasks, issues encountered, and additional notes are recorded on the database of enterprises.  

In this way, businesses are offered valuable insights through their past task records to overcome such situations when they encounter similar tasks or problems. 

Using task tracking, enterprises can break down larger tasks into smaller ones for easier tracking and increase communication between departments and team members, contributing to increased efficiency and productivity

Project management tools such as Nextcloud, Asana, Trello, Jira, and Monday support enterprises by offering a central software platform, task tracking and management, assigning tasks within teams, and recording the progress of business operations. 

The use of video conferencing software such as OctaMeet offers businesses various advantages to increase the efficiency of their workflow. These benefits include enhanced team collaboration, better enterprise performance, and integration with project management tools

Advantages of Task Tracking 

Increased Operational Efficiency 

Task tracking and recording process progress allow organizations to ensure businesses conduct their operations seamlessly.  

Planning tasks and assigning them to team members encourage collaboration, teamwork, and productivity. This contributes to a smoother workflow and increased efficiency. 

Better Project Management 

Task tracking is an integral part of project management, which allows teams to complete work on time, accomplish goals and objectives, and manage enterprise resources efficiently. 

Project managers and related responsible departments can supervise tasks and project progress in real-time and suggest and implement changes where necessary. This also allows businesses to make data-driven and informed decisions to improve workflow. 

Meeting Customer Expectations and Requests 

By tracking tasks and processes regularly, businesses can have better control over their operations and fulfill the project expectations set by customers.  

In this sense, effective workflow monitoring enables organizations to inform their customers about project progress, and potential adjustments that may be required and provide them a better customer experience (CX), strengthening trust between both parties. 

How Does Task Tracking Contribute to Customer Experience (CX)?How Does Task Tracking Contribute to Customer Experience (CX) - Blog İçi

Customer experience (CX) refers to the overall impression and satisfaction level of customers during and after they use or buy a product or service. However, fulfilling customer requests only is often not sufficient when it comes to providing a holistic experience.

In this sense, task tracking and project management strategies can significantly contribute to customer experience by increasing satisfaction, strengthening, or building long-term relationships, and generating more revenue

Clear Communication through Various Channels 

Using effective communication, businesses can reach out to their clients, and inform them about project status and any potential changes or issues that may emerge. This strengthens the bond between the customer and business, building up mutual trust

Businesses can send e-mails regarding project updates, personalized messages, and AI chatbots that offer multilanguage support.  

Additionally, with video conferencing software such as OctaMeet, organizations can hold regular online meetings, answer questions from clients and stakeholders, address issues, and inform them of the progress of the tasks and projects. 

Task tracking and project management, in this sense, allow businesses to restructure, change, and record their project plans, and conduct their customer operations accordingly. 

Adjusting Projects According to Customer Needs 

Customers can request changes throughout the projects. These changes can be minor or may take a long time to implement.  

Considering competitors’ strategies in the market is essential, as it directly influences project outcomes and customer satisfaction.  

Hence, businesses must anticipate these potential changes beforehand, and adjust their projects, budgets, and time management accordingly. By attracting more leads and converting them, they can increase their sales and revenue. 

During project planning, it is important to factor in customer expectations, needs, budget, and dedicated time to the project. Thanks to task tracking, businesses can monitor project progress and address potential issues and adjustments if needed. 

While any changes should be reported to clients and stakeholders, businesses can reject requests that are unlikely to be applicable. 

Risk Management 

While monitoring tasks and projects, businesses should expect potential risks, take necessary measures, prepare plans, and inform clients. 

At the beginning of a project, project managers and teams can collect information, identify risk factors, and brainstorm about possible solutions. By gathering and analyzing all the information, businesses can decide whether to change the project course or continue with their existing plan.  

Team members’ responsibilities, management of resources, and budget are crucial in decision-making processes. As the final step, risk plans and measures can be implemented and changes, problems, and progress of the projects can be monitored. 

Customer Expectations 

Project managers and team members have to consider the expectations of stakeholders, clients, end-users, sponsors, and such, and ensure that the conditions are reasonable and applicable. Hence, task tracking of projects holds a crucial position in fulfilling expectations and requirements. 

For a seamless project management process, businesses should set plausible goals, appropriate deadlines, and budgets. Upon agreement, additional changes can be reported, as these can affect the outcome and expectations.  

Throughout the project duration, businesses can conduct surveys, polls, and other means to collect data. In this way, they can measure satisfaction and the progress of the project. By implementing changes according to the data, businesses can increase the loyalty of their customers.

Using Tools for Task Tracking

The use of various tools such as project management tools and collaboration tools such as OctaMeet allows businesses to effectively track the project progress and continue processes according to the requirements of clients. 

Management tools offer a central platform for all project needs, and store their plans, data, and other documents, which can be accessed by all team members. Integration with messaging and video meeting communication tools allows for better collaboration with easier meeting arrangements. 

Support Your Project Management Processes with OctaMeetSupport Your Project Management Processes with OctaMeet - In Blog

OCTAPULLS’s new generation video conferencing platform OctaMeet offers businesses a potent/robust and easy-to-use platform for their online meeting needs.  

With its fast and reliable infrastructure, organizations can support their team communication and collaboration, seamlessly conducting their business process. 

Thanks to end-to-end encryption technology and SSO (Single Sign-On), all the sensitive meeting data is securely stored during and after meetings, and enterprises can continue their operations without any security concerns. 

Hold Online Meetings with Ease 

OctaMeet allows businesses to plan and hold routine or spontaneous meetings with their clients, make presentations, and organize Webinars.  

Using the Meeting Rooms feature, rooms for daily and monthly team meetings can be created and members can easily join meetings. This way, teams can save time and focus on their projects with increased productivity. 

With calendar integration, meeting data can be synchronized to e-mail accounts such as Microsoft Outlook and Google Gmail. Participants can manage meetings in their calendars, access them anywhere, and receive reminders before meetings.

Hosts can directly send meeting invites from OctaMeet, and participants can view these meetings on their calendars.  

Additionally, SSO (Single Sign-On) offers easier access and faster transition to other business applications and platforms, contributing to a better user experience. 

Always Keep in Touch with Your Team 

In-app communication allows team members and project managers to chat and stay in touch with each other during and after meetings.  

Participants can provide feedback about tasks, leave reactions, ask questions about projects, share meeting notes, and inform others of project progress and updates. 

Built-in cloud storage functionality eliminates the need to use other cloud storage platforms and offers users a secure space to save, access, and share their data. 

With OctaMeet, businesses can increase team interaction by allowing seamless communication and supporting task tracking and project management processes. 

Make Your Meetings More Interactive 

OctaMeet offers various advanced sharing capabilities to make meetings more engaging. With whiteboard and annotation tools, team members can write and draw on materials.  

Screen sharing, presentation, and document sharing contribute to more engaging and visually supported meetings.  

Q&A tools, polls, and participant chooser features encourage team members to share their opinions and interact with others, making meetings more interactive and collaborative. 

Audio and videos can be recorded thanks to built-in screen recording functionality, and these recordings can be shared easily in various formats, and real-time captions can be included. This way, members who could not attend meetings can be informed of the project’s progress. 

If you would like to learn more about OctaMeet’s advantages in task tracking and licensing options, you can contact us today and schedule a demo meeting with our product team.



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