Distant Channel Management in 3 Items

COVID-19, which started in December 2019 and entered Turkey in March 2020, has caused great changes in our daily lives. These times, when we were told not to leave our home in order not to catch the disease, revealed the necessity of organizations and companies to leave the office working style and find new solutions.

The remote working method, which has been in our lives before, has taken the whole world by storm as a solution to the necessity of doing all the work in the online. Working from home is no longer a choice, it has become a necessity. This necessity gave birth to new developments. ‘Distant Channel Management’, which emerged to help the digital transformation that requires working remotely, was a very important development especially for field teams to move their work to digital. We will examine the pioneer of the new digital era, Distant Channel Management in 3 items.

What is Remote Channel Management?

‘Remote channel management’ emerged to assist ‘field’ teams, perhaps the most difficult channel to transition to digital. Due to the free movement restrictions posed by the pandemic, ‘field’ teams had to find different solutions. ‘Remote channel management’, which allows field visits and customer meetings to be carried out through a single video conferencing platform, may be the distinguishing feature of how profitable and sustainable companies will be in the future. If you are wondering why I should use ‘remote channel management’, here are 3 reasons why:

Reducing Field Costs

Site visits can often incur large expenses for companies. When it comes to vehicle fleets rented for field visits, the road and petrol costs of these fleets, extra trips made from time to time, and the expenses of field personnel, the bill can become quite high.

Thanks to ‘remote channel management’, physical site visits are now replaced by communication methods such as video conferencing, e-mail, telephone calls and message, reducing all these costs. Elimination of the costs of physical site visits provides reductions in the costs of companies that use the field channel effectively and adds great advantages in terms of sustainability.

Saving Time

Time is cash. The necessity for field teams to physically go to a place to make field visits causes loss of time as well as costs. The traffic problem, especially in metropolitan cities such as Istanbul, causes this lost time to increase. The time spent on the way to go, combined with the time spent on the way back, causes time, perhaps the most valuable asset in today’s world, to be wasted.

With ‘remote field management’ solutions, companies now have the opportunity to use this wasted time more efficiently. Field teams, who can make field visits with only one computer and internet connection, save a lot of time. Field teams have the chance to increase the quality and efficiency of the work by using this time to devote more time to planning the next call or reporting the call.


We can say that the most effective and efficient use of money and time in the business world is the key to success. The promises of the ‘remote channel management’ solution in terms of better use of both cash and time are quite large. In addition to the efficient use of cash and time, the ‘remote channel management’ solution offers other opportunities for efficiency.

Field teams’ need of planning the visits, writing the report of these visits and having these reports in front of the people who need to examine them within the company increases the efficiency significantly by increasing the cooperation between the departments. On top of that, the fact that everything we mentioned can be handled on a single platform with a convenient interface, makes the work of both personnel and managers much easier and efficient.

The remote working system, which has become an indispensable part of our lives with the pandemic, is still far from being perfect and fully efficient. It will take time to completely transfer the traditional office and paper works to the computer environment through the digital transformation based on cloud technology. ‘Distant channel management’ is one of the most ambitious attempts to accelerate this transformation and make it more efficient.

We can summarize the reasons for you to switch to the ‘distant channel management’ system, which we have explained in detail above, as follows:

•Reducing site costs

•Saving on time


The advantages that companies will be provided with these 3 items will greatly contribute to the long-term profitability and sustainability. The fact that business can be managed from a single platform with the digital transformation shows that companies using ‘distant channel management’ will gain a great advantage over their competitors who do not and will get bigger slices of the pie in the long run.

OctaSales, the first ‘distant channel management’ application in the world, provides the transformations companies need to make to reduce field costs, save time and increase efficiency. By integrating the indispensable sales management functions such as planning and reporting with the video conferencing application, it provides effective solutions for companies of all sizes.

You can contact us via our e-mail address to get more detailed information about the OctaSales application, which offers Turkish and English language support, provides all the necessary functions for sales management, and is just a phone call away for solving a problem, and the ‘distant channel management’ solution it provides.



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