4 Tips For Asking Your Boss For Working Remotely

Sometimes, we can feel constrained to talk about some topics with our bosses. Before the pandemic, we had a hard time talking to our boss when asking for a raise or taking annual leave. 
Asking a boss for remote work can also be one of these conversations. There may be some tips that will come in handy when asking this question. 

What should I pay attention to asking for remote working?

We prepared 4 tips for you to ask to work from home full.

Getting Prepared Before Talking

Think ahead of time about how you will ask your boss this question. What attitude should you have and how should you get on the topic?While you making this preparation, you can choose one or all of the items following:

  • You may mention that you have difficulty in establishing a work-life balance. Finding that balance while working from home will make you happier. This happiness will also positively affect your work.
  • You can talk about wasting too many hours in traffic on your commute. You can say that you will spend some of your time in traffic for work and some for rest. Indicate that you will be more productive because you are resting well, and you can complete more work because you will spend more time in front of the computer. Therefore, working from home is a good option for both employers and employees.

Convince You Will Be More Efficient

When working remotely full time, if you complete more work, start some new projects, and don’t miss any meetings with your manager, it will be convincing that working remotely is more productive for you.

At the same time, how employees feel is very important for bosses. If you seem too overwhelmed, stuck, and unproductive in meetings, your boss will of course want you to return to the office. However, when the happiness of completing your daily tasks is reflected in your face at every meeting, your boss will also believe that this decision was the right one for you and increased productivity. 

Request A Trial First

You can try working at home for a while before moving on to working remotely completely. Offer this option to your boss and claim it. This period can be a week, two weeks, or a month. If your boss sees that you continue to work efficiently during this time, he may agree to switch to working remotely entirely.

Try Hybrid Working

If your boss has rejected your trial request of working from home full time, you can offer hybrid work. Working from home one or two days a week and working from the office the rest of the week can help you convince your boss.



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