Who Is The Field Sales Manager?

Because they spend so little time in their physical office, salespeople who regularly make outside sales calls are known as field sales operatives. 

A field sales manager is in charge of supervising a team of outside sales agents and ensuring that they meet their individual sales goals. A field sales manager often earns a basic pay plus commissions based on the income generated by their staff’ sales results.

Many businesses hire graduates with business, marketing, or finance degrees to work as managers. Other companies promote skilled salespeople to management roles because they have practical expertise in the field.

Every sales manager is in charge of salespeople in a certain district, and sales managers typically inform to a general manager or executive who oversees many districts. Sales managers who succeed can advance to sales executive positions.

What Does a Field Sales Manager Do?

Field sales managers are in charge of a team of salespeople that work remotely or in the field. Responsibilities as a field sales manager include training salespeople, executing marketing tactics, and monitoring the sales team to ensure they follow right procedures and fulfill sales targets.

A bachelor’s degree in business management, marketing, sales, or a similar subject, as well as many years of sales experience, are required for a job as a field sales manager.

The sales executive gives the field sales manager annual sales activities and objectives. The sales manager must break down the yearly goals into quarterly or monthly sales targets, taking into consideration elements like business cycles and seasonal buying habits, which typically result in sales peaks during specific months of the year.

The management must split the company’s sales objectives into short-term goals after dividing them into short-term targets.

Responsibilities of a Field Sales Manager

  • Participating in disciplinary proceedings and staff recruiting
  • Identifying and communicating sales targets that support the achievement of company’s larger goals
  • Equitable job distribution among Sales Representatives
  • Supervising employees to ensure that they complete duties to the required standards
  • Random negotiations are monitored to see if staff are using effective sales strategies
  • Ensure that employees are compensated for purchases made for work
  • Keeping in touch with clients in order to better understand and meet their needs
  • Using data from performance assessments and market research to make system adjustments as needed
  • Providing continual training to ensure that all staff are up to date on the latest product releases


Field sales managers lead sales teams for their companies. They define sales targets, evaluate data, and create training programs for sales staff at companies. Field sales managers provide guidance to sales reps on how to enhance their sales results. They supervise regional and local sales managers and their teams in major multi-product companies. Dealers and distributors are also kept in touch by field sales managers.



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