What are Your Unique Selling Points? – Answers

Getting employed is a complicated process. There are several steps to pass to get the final result: a job. 

First, you need to apply for a job based on job descriptions, with your CV and cover letter. Then, if they see you as a fit, they will call you for a job interview. If the interview goes well, congratulations, you’re hired. 

In this article, we will focus on the job interview part. In most cases, interviews are a harsh experience for potential employees. Mostly, human resources personnel will ask questions that will make you sweat, if you’re not already sweating. One of these questions is: What are your unique selling points? And if you’re not prepared for such a question, you may lose the job from the beginning. 

What is a Unique Selling Point?

A unique selling point is an attribute that makes you different, or better than your competitors. If you want to be successful in job interviews, you should be good at marketing yourself. Using a unique selling point is a good way to do this.
Whether you are applying for a security guard, digital marketing specialist, lawyer, tailor, or construction worker position, having a unique selling point will help you to get the job by proving you are better than other applicants. 

How to Find Your Unique Selling Point?

For most applicants, it could be hard to answer this question, if they are not prepared beforehand. If you are reading this to get prepared before an interview, I will give you some tips to identify your unique selling point, for you to impress the hiring personnel.

1- List Down Your Skills and Achievements

Before identifying what makes you different, you must identify what makes you, you. Get a pencil and paper, list down all your skills. 

What you can do? Write everything, even the simplest things, like your literacy status. Can you use Excel? If yes, perfect. Write it down. After writing all the skills that you have, you should start writing about your achievements and experiences. 

How many years do you have experience in the field that you’re applying for? Did you work for the best company in your field? Oh, you were an employee of the month, great. Write everything that you can think of. 

The reason to do this is to get a better picture of yourself. After writing all your skills, achievements, and experiences; you can pick your selling points, easily. 

Look at the paper, think like these are somebody else’s attributes. What are the most unique ones? What are the relevant ones with the position that you are applying for? 
Congratulations, you have found your unique selling points. 

2-Communicate with the People that Knows You The people around you, have opinions about you. Go and ask them about what they think makes you different from other people? 

Every adjective they will say can be used in the interview. List all the adjectives, attributes that they say, and prepare it to burst to the hiring committee during the interview.

You can be honest, ambitious, content, kind. Don’t be afraid to use them in the interview. 

Example Answers to the Question: What are your unique selling points?

Ambitious digital marketer with 10 years of experience for an agency that is focused on Search Engine Optimization. 

Veteran sales manager with a history of leading the ‘Best Sales Campaign of 2014’ awarded sales campaign.

Bright product manager as a fresh graduate from the Ivy League.



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