The Impact of the Pandemic on the Field Team Management

The COVID-19 pandemic, which has affected the whole world since the end of 2019, has affected the working life more deeply than anyone could imagine. COVID-19, which has shaken social life as well as public health, brings with it new problems and solutions. Many reports, both in Turkey and around the world, include questions about the pandemic process and the new working life after it. 

While the pandemic process continues, the first solution included in working life and described as the new normal is the method of working from home. Research shows that more than 60 percent of companies are determined to continue working remotely at different rates after the epidemic. The remote working model is adapted to the business life of not only office workers but also field workers. Employers and field workers aim to continue their operations in the most effective way by adapting quickly to this extraordinary period.

New Concept: Distant Channel Management

Solutions developed for distant channel management contribute to the efficient and effective implementation of field visits and works during the pandemic. Correctly identifying the prominent problems in business life during the pandemic period is of great importance in revealing effective and efficient working solutions. Technological infrastructure solutions that contribute to communication skills significantly facilitate the adaptation of field workers to the new era. 

The approaches and behaviors of companies and field workers to business life in the new period form the basis of effective cooperation. Developing effective communication skills for efficient work, increasing communication and increasing virtual interaction are among the features that all stakeholders in the business world should focus on and put into practice in the new period. 

With the pandemic, the spread of remote working has begun to affect the performance of field workers more than office workers. The easy accessibility of customers, suppliers, colleagues and managers plays a major role in the performance of field workers. In addition to using technology tools more in the business process, the development of cooperation and communication is among the most efficient solutions.

Technology for Effective Colloboration

The replacement of field visits to remote interviews; virtual meeting, video conferencing, e-mail, phone and messaging applications are increasingly highlighting options to communicate. Developing the technological infrastructure of institutions increases the performance of these communication channels and accelerates business processes.

Studies indicate that the communication performance of field workers is affected by 7 percent of words, 38 percent of tone of voice and 55 percent of body language. These results show how important it is for field workers to use video communication channels when communicating with both customers and business stakeholders. It should not be forgotten that using technological infrastructures efficiently is a learning process in order to minimize the possible negative effects of remote working. Adapting to the new normal for all stakeholders during and after the pandemic, using technology effectively, promises significant savings and performance increases from the number of personnel to fleet expenses and time management.

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