How to Motivate a Field Sales Team

To encourage their staff, sales managers will go to extremes. They go all out – massive launch meetings, visits to exotic destinations, and massive commissions. However, being huge and showy will not solve a lack of motivation.

Your sales employees are constantly inundated by external forces that sap their drive. It’s possible that the consumer is repeatedly telling them “no.” It’s possible that now is not the best moment to sell. There might be a catastrophe impacting their capacity to sell.

However, in order to sell effectively, salespeople must be pumped up and ready to go at any moment.

Tips to Keep Your Salespeople Motivated

If you want to increase your sales team’s performance, it’s time to focus on motivation. Here are 4 tips for increasing your salespeople’s motivation:

1.Clear Targets and Aims

This one may seem self-evident, but it’s crucial. Give your salesmen a target to shoot for. They won’t know what to aim for or what defines success if they don’t have a goal. Choose something that is doable but not simple. Even so, it should be a stretch.

It’s also not simply about sales quotas. Salespeople are motivated in a variety of ways. While quotas may work for certain salespeople with sales performance, others may prefer a contest or even a personal objective. Work with each salesperson individually to determine what will work best for them.

2.Concentrate On the Goal

People who enjoy their jobs perform better at them. According to Gallup, firms with low employee engagement have an 18% lower production rate.

It’s your obligation as a sales leader to keep your salesmen motivated and committed to your company’s aims by setting goals in the long run. Begin by outlining the mission to each member of your team and how they fit into it.

According to the Deloitte Millennial Survey 2017, six out of ten millennials think their current employer’s “feeling of purpose” is one of the reasons they opted to work there. Giving your salespeople a feeling of purpose will motivate them to perform better at their professions and to stay loyal to your company.

3.Create Trust

Trust is the cornerstone of motivation. It will be tough for your staff to feel inspired and motivated by their job if they don’t trust you and don’t believe you have their best interests at heart.

You must have your employees’ trust in order to be a good leader. Being as plain and transparent as possible is the greatest approach to creating trust. Don’t try to hide anything or make excuses. Inform your team if there is a problem.

Focus on having a helping mentality when dealing with team members. Do not chastise or push. Instead, strive to address difficulties and assist the sales representative in growing and improving. You want to ensure that your staff feel valued and engaged by creating a welcoming atmosphere.

4.Build a Recognition Culture

Your salespeople want to be rewarded for their efforts. However, a commission is insufficient. Commissions are anticipated, so go above and above to make your sales personnel feel sincerely appreciated for their efforts.

One strategy is, for instance, to organize dinner anytime someone met their quota or performed something outstanding. That supper, however, should not only for that one individual. Instead, the entire squad might participate.

The sales department developed a collaborative approach as a result of this. Everyone aspired to be the person who was known by all of their peers. They desired to be the reason for the meal. That praise and acknowledgement inspired them to not just work more, but also to collaborate.


You should motivate your sales teams while monitoring leads, utilizing your sales abilities to generate cash, teaching your team about the power of yes, managing customer success, or moving your team to concentrate more on activities that push sales ahead. A workplace that promotes happiness and motivation will not only enhance productivity and profitability, but will also create a vibrant culture where your teammates look forward to going to work.



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