Five Advantages of Video Conferencing for Businesses

For business models that deploy remote or hybrid work models, keeping the team connected is one issue that needs to be addressed. On the one hand, such models enable employees to sustain a more effective work life. On the other hand, it gets more complicated to measure the productivity and efficiency of the team. Fortunately, businesses can maintain their performance by implementing an effective video conference strategy.

 Before the pandemic, a video conference was more of a last resort for businesses to keep their wheels turning; but as of today, it’s a widespread method to establish balanced communication within a company. If used wisely, video conferencing can be even more effective than traditional working models. Here are five advantages of video conferencing that businesses can make the best out of. 

It enables open communication

With video conferencing, it’s easier for everyone to have a saying in a matter that interests the company. In face-to-face conversations, there’s a higher possibility that conversation might scatter into different directions, and it might get challenging to keep the subject together. Another advantage of video conferencing for more open communication is giving junior-level employees or more introverted people a chance to express themselves. In fact, team leaders can take the role of moderator and let everyone share their ideas. With several video conference tools, it’s also easier to enhance the meeting experience. 

It boosts productivity

One of the most discussed topics regarding remote or hybrid working is productivity. Some argue that working from home might hinder productivity, as people tend to get more comfortable during home conditions. In contrast, others hold that the elasticity of working from home allows employers to take a more productive approach. Either way, it’s difficult to measure productivity when no one is present. However, through video conferencing, it’s easier than it looks to sustain a productive level for the business. When there’s an important topic to be discussed in the office, it’s necessary to bring everyone together, take away from the office time, and have a meeting that might last hours. In the end, it lessens the overall productivity and causes extra work. But with video conferencing, it becomes easier for employees and managers to organize workload, and necessary meetings can be held more efficiently. The meeting can be conducted with utmost accuracy by choosing an appropriate time for everyone. What makes it even better is the versatile nature of video conferencing. By arranging niche meetings for specific situations, managers can keep the team on track without taking too much time from everyone. 

It allows creativity to nurture

No one can be expected to be creative when their thought process is distracted regularly. Unfortunately, distractions are common in the office environment, and it is usually difficult to find sufficient time to establish a creative process. But, setting up a remote or hybrid working model provides employees the necessary time to be creative to be more resourceful about their jobs. By implementing a smart video conference strategy, employees can create opportunities to share their ideas without being interrupted or disrupting workflow. Since video conferencing allows people to easily incorporate visual, audial, or written content to the meeting, employees can showcase their creative inputs more efficiently. One of the biggest obstacles of the creative process in the office environment is creating accurate conditions for sharing. Everyone is always busy, and you need efficient planning to get in touch with your seniors. However, video conferencing is easier to bypass time and place constraints. 

It enables versatility

 Post pandemic business environment created more versatile teams than before. It has become easier to include different people from different places in the same work environment through remote and hybrid working conditions. Yet, what keeps these teams together is establishing an intelligent video conferencing strategy. Video conferencing allows people to work together and share their ideas from different backgrounds simultaneously. With diverse talents acquired during the pandemic, everyone can use this opportunity to grow and learn. With a sufficient number of video conference calls, people can bond, develop new ideas, and nurture a team identity while constructing a versatile structure for the business. 

It is cost-effective

Think about all the side expenses when holding a meeting in person. You can stretch the scope of costs from travel to anything to eat and drink during the session. Although it doesn’t sound like too much, small expenses equal a higher price in a cumulative perspective. And, when you add the rent for the office and utilities, you are left with a massive amount of expenses. But with video conferencing, you can keep the costs at a minimum while having effective team meetings. First and foremost, anyone can join the meeting from anywhere and create their least costly meeting conditions. Also, giving up on rent and utilities allow companies to allocate the same funding for better purposes. Video conferencing software comes with small subscription fees that more than makes up for the other kind of expenses that the business could’ve faced in face-to-face meetings. So, video conferencing can benefit your business in five ways:

  • It creates a more open environment for communication.
  • It allows teams to be more productive.
  • It makes sufficient room for creativity to nurture.
  • It enables businesses to keep a versatile structure.
  • It helps with a significant amount of savings.

With a video conference tool such as OctaMeet, you too can allow your business to make the best of these advantages with a very reasonable subscription fee.



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